Open Diary Entries

I'm archiving these on my own space because for a long time I had an Open Diary but I switched to LiveJournal and eventually when I don't update Open Diary for a long time they will erase me. So it will be on here for safekeeping (except the few months of entries that were lost when they were hacked, argh). I went to LiveJournal to be with friends and to escape pop-ups, just decided it was time for a change. So here they are.

Unlike Open Diary, I'm gonna put the oldest entry first and go to newest, including all notes and junk. You can surf it in this browser window by clicking "back" or by just using the "next" and "previous" links, OR you can POP UP an identical table of contents in another window and take it with you, and each link will pop up in a new window which you can close each time.

See my Open Diary user info page!