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I'm in freaking GRADE SCHOOL again.


I want to write about how my vacation went, but I'm so pissed about my first day back to work that I want to write this first.

I thought it was gonna be pretty much a good day, because when I got back to work my section wasn't TOO fucked up, and we had new registers but they seem pretty easy to work. We had our new manager Scott there and he is funny and easy-going.

Wouldn't you know it, the shit hit the fan as soon as LINDA walked in.

Well, not AS soon. She was nice and asked how my vacation was and didn't scream at me. Damien had left me a cart of crap to put away and I was trying to finish cleaning up so I could get to it. But then Linda attacked me with a new job: Put some shelves in that our district manager PJ was screaming about. So I did that, and then Linda came up and told me I had about an hour left and I needed to stop my projects, put away the cart of crap, and start cleaning the store.

We're supposed to always do this, but at our last meeting, Linda reiterated that we needed to start paying a lot of attention to recovering the store in the daytime as well as at night. Okay, cool.

We'd just received our weekly shipment today, so there wasn't really room for a big cart of crap in the back room. I thought it probably wouldn't take too long for me to just throw the crap on the shelves where it belonged, but as I was about to start, I got screamed at again to put it away and do what I was told. So, I went to put it in the back.

And I saw Damien, who gave me a puzzled look as if he was wondering why I was returning this unfinished cart to the back. Someone said "If you think you're putting that cart back here you're crazy." I explained to him that I was not allowed to touch it now because Linda said so and I must be off to do my recovery. Someone else grabbed the cart and tried to wiggle it in somewhere so I figured since they were occupying the back room right then they knew better than I did where it should go. Blah.

So five minutes later Linda wanted to "talk" to me. She told me off like a fucking kindergartener.

She bitched at me for "leaving the cart in the middle of the floor" and said that I knew better. She bitched at me because apparently Damien reported that I was "disgruntled" over having to put my cart away and start recovery. She bitched at me for being uncooperative about beginning recovery when I was supposed to, and bitched that I should have known this was part of the schedule because she announced it at the last meeting. And she also bitched that I probably didn't know that because I had been too busy talking through the last meeting.

That last part for some reason bothered me the most. I remember at the meeting she said something, and I spoke up and added to her statement to clarify something for the new people. (I don't know what it was anymore, but it was just some general agreement statement with a clarification.) She apparently didn't hear me and gave me a dirty look and informed me that SHE was talking. Um, if she'd heard what I'd said she wouldn't have cared. And that was the only thing I said the whole time. But of course, yes, I am the unruly school child who didn't pay attention because she was too busy gabbing while the teacher was talking.

So, in short, I got chewed out today because of a string of gross misinterpretations of my character. Isn't life grand?

This from a woman wearing a button on her apron that says "Kindness Counts."


*hug* don't take any of your managers' shit personally... they seem rather unprofessional to me. [Freder]

Ugh! Maybe her button means "kindness counts against you". Wicked woman. Make some voodoo dolls...if anything stabbing 'em with kindness pins should make you feel better! :) [MissyWalks]

She doesn't know the difference between kindness and a pop tart! [Meggie]

*tsk tsk* BAAAAAADD person. Totally evil. I condemn her to hell. Anyhow, can't wait to read about your vacation! [katqueen]

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