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I suck


Sorry, I suck--haven't written in WAY too long and that really annoys me.  It's not like I don't have a computer.  I use it all the time.  For unimportant crap.  Yeah.

So.  I've been busy.  Work is boring, as usual--which is how I like it.  Christmas was relatively uneventful, retail worker-wise.  I'll tell you about some of the haul I pulled this year:

Victor gave me a HUGE-ASS package!  He had painted me a picture (OMG!) and gave me a popcorn popper shaped like Taz's head.  (Also jellybeans and Pez were included in the package.  One of the Pez dispensers was shaped like an elf.  He wrote "HA HA!" on it.  Grr.)

Speaking of which, I had a funny thing happen to me when Brendon visited before Christmas.  We went out to Steak N Shake--he wanted a burger--and we were in there for a really long time waiting for the food.  Right before we were about to go, some guy came up and asked me if my ears were real.  I asked him if he wanted to guess, and he said, "Well that's the problem, over at my table we've been trying to figure it out for the last fifteen minutes."  I glanced over and there were all these random people looking at us.  Jeez.  The guy was all, "Come on, tell me so I can get my friend off my back" or whatever, so I told him, "Well, you can tell him I inherited them from my mother."  The guy went away.  Brendon thought it was hilarious.  So, hear that, Mom?  Inheriting pointy ears from you has scarred me for life!  Bwahaha!

Oh, and a minor related funny thing, a guy at the bus stop that same week got my attention and he was kind of stumbling over his words, so I thought I knew what he was going to say but he said something else entirely.  "Hey, um, hey, are those your real, I mean are those your real eyes?"  My eyes?  I thought you'd be asking about my ears, dude.  I was like, "My EYES?" and he's like, "Yeah, are those contacts?" and I was amused by that.  People ask me that now and then because in the sunlight these tinted contact lenses look really, really green instead of just slightly green when I'm indoors or whatever. 

Anyway, back to presents.

I still have to find out what some people got me, because I haven't seen them or their packages didn't get here yet or whatever, but Brendon got me a DVD of Upright Citizens Brigade (which I love), plus he drew me a picture, and my sister Patricia got me a Gloomy Bear keychain and a Gloomy Bear button (I didn't expect anything from HER, as she has already done more than enough by giving me that Japan ticket last November), and my other sister Lindsay got me a Dogma special edition DVD and a Kate Bush CD, which is awesome.  Mommy got me a caller ID phone.  Daddy gave me money.  Grandparents also gave me money, plus nice soaps.  Yay.

Dieter sent me a DVD of Tank Girl!  Holy crap!  I'm so happy about that.  When I taped it off Pay Per View many years ago the fucks at the office didn't start the movie on time and I missed the first five minutes--the whole setup.  Butts!  He also sent pretty bracelets and a nice ring, though the ring is too big for even my biggest finger.  (One day, he will fully understand that I am the size of a child, and acquire jewelry for tiny digits.)

Jes got me crap from Hot Topic--an armband with Gir on it, and some neat snappy bracelets, and a shirt with The Cat With the Really Big Head on it.  (I like that comic.)  Phred's gift was really groovy: He made me a CD mix entitled "Songs of Flight," which is subtitled "music to fly to."  I do appreciate that, since I need something to listen to while flying of course.  He also sent me a copy of the second volume of BAAU Down's manga collections, which his brother is involved with.  Yay.

Squirrel bought me a DVD of some Spike and Mike stuff, and Jeaux got me some decals and whatnot that have ivy on them (how appropriate!), plus a tee shirt that says "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them."  Yay.  Mike got me a cool Tenchi OAV preview disc for some THIRD OAV that's coming out, and he got me the Tori Amos DVD/CD thing Tales of a Librarian

Other news.  One of my friends just found out he and his wife are going to be parents.  Hooray.  (He told his mother and grandmother by sneakily giving them Christmas cards addressed to "Grandma" and "Great Grandma" in order to tell them.  Hahah!)  Jeremy is going to make the BEST daddy.  I'm happy for them.

His Dark Materials is going to be a MOVIE.  I've been getting those books in a box set for people for years now, and being all excited by them, and soon everyone's going to know about them and love them too.  Woo-hoo! 

Our back room guy was arrested last week.  He'd been stealing books--ordering them under a fake name and just walking out with them.  My manager figured it out when she was calling "Bill Smith" and recognized the guy's voice.  She investigated and saw that "Bill Smith's" phone number was mysteriously the same as the guy's, and that his employee sales totaled only about 12 bucks, but somehow Bill Smith's books were leaving the store since they weren't getting bought or sent back.  He'd just walk up to the café with a stack of books and ask for a BAG!  Hah!  Dumbness.  He left the store in handcuffs on Saturday.  They took down his picture off the employee photo board and put up the article about his arrest instead.  Hehehe.

I'm booked for visitation for like the next month.  ::sigh::  It'll be great to see everyone, but seeing everyone is part of the reason I haven't been writing in this thing--I've been very social.  Also family visits have distracted me.  My sister Patricia has been back in the country (attending a wedding, but seeing us whenever she can), and so I put myself in a position to visit with her whenever.  As a result of her arrival we managed to get our whole immediate family together for the first time in something like two years.  It was really, really wonderful.  Everyone hugged and my mother plagued us with lipstick kisses and we all ate Chinese buffet food.  Ohhhhh.  (Ironically, Patricia says the foods she misses about America are Chinese food and Mexican food.)

If anyone wants a really good muffin recipe involving wheat germ and buttermilk, contact me.  They're to die for.


Involving what and WHAT?!



P.S. Thanks for the card! It really brightened my day, and made me really consider sending you one in return. But then I figured, hey, I didn't send one to my illegitimate son for his bar mitzvah, I'm sure as heck not gonna start now.

And I get to be a big black hole sucking up more of your time!!!! Bwahahahahaha! [Meggie]

Tori Amos DVD/CD thing Tales of a Librarian --- is cool. Have it, like it loads.

Well, I guess, Happy New Year & Merry Xmas.

I love holidays. I wish I could celebrate more.


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