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I am cooler than you.


I was reading over one of my novels, trying to go over it one more time before I share it with another person. (I like to do that to make sure there's no stupid parts that I could fix, and no glitches left from the last edit.) And I came across a line that I didn't remember writing:

Its my business if I say it is, the stinky monkey said.

I read it and collapsed into giggles. That was just so freaking funny. Stinky monkey! BWAHAHA! She called him a stinky monkey!

I can just laugh unabashedly at stupid things that really shouldn't be funny, and not care whether you think I'm a jerk for doing it. That's reason number one why I am cooler than you.

Small children think I am the coolest person on the face of the planet. Here are some reasons why:

People all the way up in their teens also think I'm cool, usually the pre-college crowd. Here are some reasons why:

And yet, these are all reasons that many adults think I suck. Here are some more.


Funny how the same things are viewed so differently by different groups of people.


Now, now... some adults think you're ultra mega super duper deluxe cool... like me, for example. But then again, I'm cool like that. :P [MissyWalks]

That's right. You suck huge donkey dick. (Asscock) [Meggie]

I for one am glad you are the way you are :) [Freder]

This "adult" thinks you're pretty darn cool, actually. ;) - Ronni

I'm certainly glad you've managed to keep your childlikeness - best way t' be! - Toraneko

I love you *heart* I wish I knew you IRL. *sigh* You are's the word... KEWL!! [katqueen]

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