Open Diary Entries

Hail Eris


Hello everyone!

I haven't written in a while, just because I haven't had much to write, nor have I had the energy to do so. But I've decided to compose a short list (for those who read regularly), just to catch you up on the things that have happened recently.



I wonder if Jessica is into DDR. I think she'd like it! She has a lot in common with you. [Freder]

Congratulations on the freelance job, Ivy! :) - Ronni

I,m glad you got that editing job. I think that,s sweet that your doing something you really enjoy. [sheldonious]

Yup, yup! Ivy, you sure are fun to stalk... - this was a nice way to give a recap, by the by. *gigglez* [katqueen]

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