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In your screwed-up little head


Argh.  I'll have to say this is pretty ridiculous. 

Yesterday, for the second time in over three years, I slept through my alarm clock and didn't wake up for work.  My manager Nicole called me at almost 9:30 and it woke me up.

Funny little story about that, too . . . I heard the phone ringing and I looked at the clock and my first thought was, Those bitches, whoever that is should know better than to call me at nine th--

Yeah, then it hit me.  It's not my day off. I should be at work.  So, I called Nicole and she said she had indeed been calling me just then, and I said I just didn't wake up and I'd jump on the bus.  She didn't sound mad or anything, and I was up front about it and didn't try to make up any excuses or anything.  I mean, why should I?  In over three years at that job I've never been a problem employee, NEVER ONCE called in sick, rarely late, never skipped work or caused any attendance problems or whatever.

So.  Then I got gossip from Diana today.  Apparently Nicole was talking about me. . . .

Diana overheard Nicole bitching about my being late yesterday and saying things like, "Well, if she can't even BE here on time, I'm gonna cut her hours!"  (Nicole is famous for doing this to people she doesn't like, for real or imagined offenses such as "being a slacker" or "having an attitude.")

My general manager Phillip told Nicole to leave me alone.  He may have worked with me the shortest time out of all the managers, but I think he understands that I am a keeper.  He told her not to touch my hours.

Apparently in some people's screwed-up little heads, sleeping through an alarm on an average of less than once a year makes me an irresponsible employee who doesn't deserve enough hours to earn a living. 

If you gotta stretch this far to make me look bad, it should be a clue that you shouldn't be trying to.


I definitely know those people. Give them a little power with no sense of fairness or responsibility, and they go mad... MAD!!! I TELL YOU!!!!


In general, people suck and they always will. I have a feeling, from reading past entries of yours regarding your fellow co-workers, she will get her comeuppance. [wunderkont]

Well, if karma gets its fat ass off the couch, she'll be fired or something.

But only late ONCE A YEAR? I don't know how you do it. I'm late for school about once every two weeks. Under review as we speak. [katqueen]

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