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Just a short entry this time.  I just wanted to write about how I love feeling appreciated.  I just got my yearly review at work today and it's nice to know that my boss notices the crap I do at work.  I started this job in July 2000 (so as you can tell I've been there a while), and for the most part my job has been a thankless task, I did as good a job as I did simply because it is in my nature to do the best I can at something--to do something well if I'm going to bother doing it at all.  It gave me no small amount of satisfaction to get that Kids' section in order and keep it that way, even though it was annoying to have to undo years of bad management in the section and even though it continues to be annoying to keep it up.

I don't know HOW much my superiors notice about the effort I put forth, but my district manager once told me that he thought I was one of the top five Kids' people in the company (to which my first thought was "REALLY?" and my second thought was "Well, duh!").  And now I've gotten my yearly review from my general manager, and it was very positive.  I got a 97% rating.

And, as is the custom, I got a yearly raise.  I was informed that my raise (not such a big deal to most people, of course--only a raise of 30 an hour) was in fact the largest percentage raise of all the associates, so . . . I'm happy about it.  Finally, after three years at the company, I'm breaking seven bucks an hour.  (If you're curious, my new rate is $7.25.)  It's kinda sad that in the space of three years, I had FIVE raises and still wasn't even making a dollar more an hour than when I started.  Well I can't say this sounds like much of an improvement, but it's appreciated by me anyway. 

Okay, off I go to clean stuff.


And here, I thought this would be about the monthly employee appreciation day.... I just got my raise and review, and neither was as good. Still haven't got my hourly rate back up to the last time they gave me a promotion and a paycut. BAM sucks sometimes. Still, there's a chance they'll give me my own store this week, and hopefully not a paycut to go with it. [Masked Media]

*huggle* Congratulations Ivy :) [Freder]

I'm xtremely proud of ya baby. Well keep up the good work, and now that you're a suga' mama, now i know where to go. Keep rakin in the dough. [xcali]

Congrats Ivy! *proceeds to pick up valley-girl accent* You, like, TOTALLY, like, deserve it! *retracts back into "normal" English* Just think...if you add 30 cents each year to your wages (plus the additional raises you are sure to get because of your outstanding performance) you'll be earning loads more eventually!! *hugs* [katqueen]

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