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Think. Just for two seconds. THINK!


People seem to have this recurring problem of...not thinking. It's as if it's become unfashionable, or passť, or simply not worth the trouble since someone will try to think for you if you bitch hard enough or you've got the money to pay someone else to do it.

This is just not acceptable, people.

Don't come into my store pissed off that we don't have a book on the shelf because you think "it showed 'in stock' on the Web site" means the retail store necessarily has it. No no, think for two seconds. Did you tell the Web site which store you want to go to? No, you didn't, because it doesn't have a place to enter that. Is there more than one Books-A-Million? Yes, right here in town in fact there is more than one, not to mention all over the country. So why is it that you think you can look something up on the Web site and then think you have the right to get pissed off as if you've been told it's there or we misled you? No, no. Think.

Don't try to join one of my online club things without a Web address when the rules say you must enter a Web address. No no, think for two seconds. Entering "OD" as your Web site, as if I will be able to find you in all of Open Diary without providing a username, is not acceptable. Can you think for a couple seconds and realize YOU would not be able to find someone else with that tiny bit of information? Can you think for a couple seconds that if the Web clique involves both of us linking to each other's sites, you actually need a Web site? Did it occur to you that you should really read the rules before you try to join a club that obviously has them? No, no. Think.

Don't e-mail me saying "can u help me with my webpage please? how do i do it? ok bye." If I don't know what your problem is I can't help you. Don't try to steal from me because you think I won't find out. Don't call me at nine-thirty in the morning if it's not an emergency (and trying to sell me long-distance service does NOT qualify). Don't ask me for things you can easily get yourself. Don't act like I don't know how to do something if I've done it for two years and you've done it for five minutes. Don't interrupt my hard work to inform me that I don't work hard enough. Don't compliment me on how I changed my bangs when I went to bed with wet hair and forgot to brush them! Don't ask me if I know I have glitter on my face--there's quite a bit of it for it to be an accident, isn't there. Don't ask me a question when you don't have enough information for me to answer it. Don't keep trying to hit on me when I told you I'm not interested. Don't keep asking me if I want a bite of your lunch every time you have chicken when I've told you repeatedly that I'm vegetarian. Don't assume I can't lift something just because I'm a girl--I'll ask for your help if it's too heavy, believe me. Don't make fun of me for being short unless we have an understanding, it certainly isn't funny or clever; how about I make fun of you for being ugly? Don't assume I want lettuce on my sandwich when I told you I only want cheese and mushrooms. Don't come up to me in some random store and ask me questions about the products when I don't work there; what about me made you think I worked there, since I'm not wearing an apron, a nametag, or doing anything that makes me look as if I am doing a work-related project? Don't tell me to cut my hair just because you like short hair. Don't tell me I "should" have children, that's not your business. Don't assume I'm a hippie when I don't shave my legs, or assume I'm not one because I shave my armpits. Don't tell me I'm too negative just because venting it in words allows me to remain positive.


Hey, midget, nice bangs! Did you know you have glitter on your face? I got sausage on the pizza, that's vegetarian, right? Well, that settles it. She's staying home next time! Well... she was gonna anyway, but.... :) Sorry about that. I'll flog her when she gets home. [Meggie]

There does seem to be an epidemic of vapidness out there! I like that one mushroom dish we made that one time. Um, actually I like all the dishes we have made. You'll have to send me a list of veggies that you like to eat so I can research recipes to cook and eat with you. [Freder]

Wow! My first impression is: Who pissed in her Cheerios. My second impression is: Who pissed in her Cheerios. My third impression is: do I have a third impression. But seriously, I love reading your diary. It's a bit of comedy before I go to bed at night. [Optimus_prime]

*laughing* That's...a...funny...entry...*laughing* I...can't...stop....laughing... OK, YEAH, I do think laughing at peoples stupid moments is just fine and dandy. :) Makes life fun. [katqueen]

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