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Holiday madness


Last week (Monday) I went to the Post Office to mail my schwagg (Christmas/holiday presents). My bike loaded down with no less than ten gifts, I made my way to the faraway Mecca of Stamps.

When I got there, I was number 69.

For some reason Fred thought this was hilarious when I told him. Because recently he was in a line and was number 69 also. Synchronicity's beautiful, eh?

Unfortunately they were serving number 40 or something, so I took a seat and looked around. The Post Office people had been nice enough to lay out a display of cookies on tables for the patrons to eat. I thought that was so cool, but didn't eat any because I'd brought a lolly, on which I started sucking.

The people around me annoyed me. They annoyed me because they looked annoyed. See, they were looking annoyed because they were having to wait. Forgive me, for I am about to rant: WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT WHEN YOU TRY TO MAIL THINGS A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS? I knew what I was getting into, just didn't have a choice and accepted my fate. But these people . . . drumming fingers, glancing at watches, tapping feet, craning necks as if keeping their eyes on the clerks would somehow make it be their turn faster . . . it just annoyed me, and made me think about the annoying people at my work who are of the same opinion that it is our fault they got stuck in a ten-person line.

I talked with the woman next to me, she was nice and I enjoyed small-talking with her.

Then some girl came up and asked me, "HEY, you work at Books-A-Million, right?"

I agreed that I had indeed been known to do such a thing.

She continued, "Oh, I recognized you from there. I meant to tell you when I saw you there, but I didn't have time . . . you have the most beautiful voice, I heard you singing and it was just great."

I thanked her and told her I was always singing because I can't shut myself up.

She complimented me again and escaped. It was cool.

I sent presents to my mom and my sister, and my friends Victor, Bunky, Blink & Rowan, Ronni, Kari, Squirrel, Ammy, and Jessica. Earlier I had sent a package to my sister Patricia because it takes longer to get shit to Japan, and I sent Chanukah gifts to my dad and my grandparents. I gave Jeaux his present in person; he got me a cool pair of ivy-printed bowls and an Alanis Morissette special DVD-CD thingie, and he got Yu-Gi-Oh cards and a shirt that says "It's not raining. My ninja monkey is pelting you with poo." Also I gave Mike his present; he got one of my Ivy calendars and a little stone, and he gave me a shirt I'd been wanting, a pair of earrings, and a sticker. I gave my friend Dan a cool set of playing cards a couple weeks ago, for Chanukah. I still have to give out some presents I plan to deliver when I see these people face to face: Meg and Katie have presents coming, and Steve, and Phil, and Brendon, and John, and I have to send out my present for Fred (I wasn't done with my calendar in time to send it out with the others, and he's gone for the break anyway).

Other than that, my dad and grandparents sent me money, which I desperately needed. Hooray.


There was a woman like that when I went to go apply for my new social security card, except there were only three people in line and she was #2. Freaks... [Misty Violet]

*feels special* I like getting presents from Ivy! :) - Ronni

Oh yes...I often go to the post office (when mom doesn't feel like getting out of the car) and all these people look really, really irritated about standing in line. I don't get it, truly. You do have a very pretty voice =) [katqueen]

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