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The horror


Ohgodohgod. I have new next-door neighbors and tonight I heard them having loud sex through the wall. Shit! And they don't bother to at least be graceful with their ecstasy--no "Oh baby" or "Yes!" mantras, just some very unattractive grunting and moaning. I think I am going to be sick if I have to listen to that every day. They are right on the other side of my damn wall.

Today I got a call from one of those police force organizations who want you to give them money in return for a decal. Well, I had company at the time and I was playing the new "Perverted Mix" Phil sent me. So I had a cop on the phone and the end of "Yummy Down On This" by the Bloodhound Gang was on. I'm getting the "give us money for our support" speech while the stereo is screaming "SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!" And then what song would come on but "Uncle Fucker." The cop continues his speech to try to get me to give him money and I'm tearing up with laughter--"Shut your fucking face, uncle fucker! You're a cocksucking, asslicking uncle fucker!" HAHAHA. "You're an uncle fucker, I must say! YOU fucked your uncle YESTERDAY!" I did not give him money. Bless you, Phil.

So, today at work was yummy. I got to work the 6 AM shift. That probably doesn't sound like much of a privilege, considering the store doesn't open until 9, but it really is the best schedule despite having to get up at the asscrack of dawn. But hell, if I have to be there for eight hours, I might as well spend three of them without any customers to help. So there.

Neil drove me to work and laughed at my morning face. Whatever. I worked on putting out "regular" shipment. (As opposed to Kids' books.) This was Linda's brilliant idea, but oh well. For some reason I slacked off while I did it. While shelving in the military history section I found an errant copy of the first book from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series. I have never seen the show but from the blurbs on the backs of some of the books and just what I've heard, I figured I wasn't missing much. (Also I'm vaguely insulted by the Hollywood witchcraft, but what're you gonna do? It's not like they're trying to portray "real" witches, even though they do have little grains of truth in a lot of the portrayals.) So, long story short, I opened the book and began to read, to see if my suspicions that it sucked would be confirmed. Well, long story short again, they were. I wasted my morning reading it in a cursory sort of way, and finished the book. It did amuse me in a few parts but overall it was goofy just how I'd imagined. Especially when Sabrina mistakenly turned the bitchy cheerleader into a pineapple.

When the store opened I wasted more time (I am the Queen of Slack today, damn, "Bob" would be proud) by talking to Stacy about the new register system. We just got new computers and now our level of technological advancement places us solidly in the mid-nineties, as opposed to the old registers, which were definitely from the early eighties. It's not as difficult as people are making it out to be, but it is different, and it makes certain things difficult (like tax-exempting Bibles, giving individual-item discounts, and handling discount cards that don't come from our store). I got to cover Stacy's break, though, and had no problems with it at all. The receipts print in like a heartbeat! So cool!

I spent the rest of my day putting away Kids' books and getting annoyed over the lack of information on my new Felt Kids fixture. GRRRR.

Neil drove me home from work (he has this strange delusion that if he takes me to work he HAS to take me home) and hung out a bit, hoping to borrow more anime from me. He's already got my Eva tapes. I think I will lend him Maze next. He seems to prefer mech anime and a lot of what I have is shoujo. Pooper. I ended up letting him borrow my Tenacious D HBO special too. If he harms it in any way I shall KILL him.

I took a nap and woke up to loud sex next door. And now you know the stupidities of my day.


I must say that has to be one of the best possible times for someone calling and wanting money. My favorite calls have been a blind person trying to sell me light bulbs and the Spanish wrong number call. We've gotten our share of police and fireman ball calls though. [~Pallas Athena~]

Our company's technology is on average late 70's/early 80's. There are some computers around here that have been around since the 40's supposedly (yes, from when computers were invented and took up a whole room). [Freder]

Gi-rose!! (That's how I pronounce 'Gross!' in extreme situations) :D Why don't you start making sick noises when they start...or pound on the wall screaming "STOP!! STOP!!" I have a perverted sense of humor sometimes... I can't get up at the crack of dawn. I can't get up after the crack of dawn. I'm the Queen of the Late Ones. [katqueen]

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