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Away, away!



I'm officially on vacation!  As of today I am on paid vacation from work.  And I am going to Ohio to see RONNI!  I know, maybe you think Ohio doesn't sound like it's that much fun, but I'm not going to Ohio to see OHIO, you sillies!  I'm going to see her! 

We're gonna be girly and bake and shop a lot.  Yay.

I had a good Mabon celebration.  Simple little ritual.  Baking was NOT so simple.  Hahaha.  I have spent the whole week baking.  I baked FOUR breads for my celebration!


That's cheddar cheese bread, banana bread, apple bread, and cornbread!  Besides that, I also had mulled apple cider with rum, corn pudding, and baked apples.  I had to have Mike over to help me eat it, and still had tons of leftovers.  Also, for my trip, I made cheddar-flavored crackers!  And a present for Ronni.  And espresso brownies and biscotti for my mom.  Yeah, I'm a bakin' fool.  Yahoo!  Ooh, lookit the brownies.  They almost look like they have a glass coating.

[espresso brownies]

Okay, I'm gonna stop it now.

My Mabon decorations are all fall-ish; I've got a cool corn sun in the window, leaf-patterned window clings, an autumn welcomer, and some fall leaf garlands in the window and like above the window, with fake gourds and pumpkins and stuff.  I have a horn of plenty on the altar with fake fruit (tacky, I know), and a bed of false fall leaves, and potpourri, and little pumpkins with a scarecrow in on my dining table--and a couple of nice fall dishtowels in the kitchen.  Whee!  I'm domestic!

So now I'm all excited--I just had a nice holiday and now I get to have a week off work and a bunch of fun company!  I hope everything turns out good and I don't miss my stops or have assholes talking to me on the bus or get sick or anything weird.  But I am very optimistic about this!  I can't wait.  But first . . . I have to pack.  Ugh.  See ya!



YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) You're going be with me SOON SOON SOON!!! WOOHOO!!!! Signed Guess Who. Heehee. ;)

Yay! I'm going to be using my OD again. Now I won't need to (and forget to) but --Cara after all of my notes in your diary! Out of curiousity: what are those balls in the middle of each brownie? Everything looks nummy. Gosh, that's a lot food. Do you have a tan from being in front of your oven so much? I'm glad you went on holiday. You definitely deserved a break from work. :) [katqueen]

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