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A long time ago at a peace demonstration I saw this girl leading a cheer with a political message:

Can't remember the rest of it.

I was a little disgusted by the idea of some girl leading a peaceful protest when she made up a song which demonstrated her inability to spell "Iraqi." Not to mention that it's incoherent. But so are most cheers.

I'm pretty against war in general. I don't understand how humans can think they're civilized when they teach their children that violence isn't a way to solve anything and that if they can't come to an agreement with someone then they'll have to agree to disagree, and then they can still let world leaders decide to go kick someone's ass because they're doing something bad.

There's a school of thought that you shouldn't ever have to spank your children; that there's always a better way. I think that is true . . . for MOST children. I think there are some kids who are not in touch with their rational minds. They respond to little else besides being hit, at which point their mind can't help but draw a connection between bad behavior and hurting.

I think that there are just some situations where world leaders will not respond to anything but being spanked.

The problem is deciding who's the parent and who's the child here.


Let's just hope that this spanking doesn't take too long or cost too many lives. SGT Randy Sanders 105th Military Police Company Buffalo, NY (currently awaiting deployment to Kuwait at Ft. Drum, NY)

I remember being spanked. Good times. In all seriousness, I agree with you. But I am shocked that I don't care about war - I feel sad about hearing about people dying and do my usual praying and that is it. I never thought about whether war was right or not - I used to think it just happened. Now I really don't know WHAT to think. [katqueen]

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