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Just got a bunch of things to tell you people.

On St. Patrick's Day I dressed up like a leprechaun at work.  It was cute; I wore a green hat with a feather, and a necklace with shamrocks on it and stuff--I even brought in clover cookies.  Yay.  This little kid and his mom were walking around the Kids' section near the end of my shift, and the mom pointed at me and said, "Look, it's an elf!"  (Leprechaun, lady--this time I'm a LEPRECHAUN!)  The kid said, "Mommy, it's a human."  Mom countered, "But look, did you see her ears?"  "MOMMY, it's a human, dressed up, with FAKE ears."  I had to walk away really fast to avoid bursting out into very ungraceful laughter.  Hawhawhaw. 

Went out to sushi with Phil on Tuesday.  Jade Gardens has this choo-choo train that pulls the plates around, and supposedly anything on a green plate is vegetarian so I could just pick what I wanted.  (Turned out a few things WEREN'T, but our waiter helped me be sure.)  I had lots of yummy things!  Phil ate a lot too.  It was all really cool. 

I'm revamping Bad Fairy--putting more dialogue instead of so much storytelling and narration.  The narration thing really isn't my usual style, not at all--but in this book there's WAY too much of it.  So I'm taking out narration when there's a specific scene, and changing it to actually showing the scene.  I know I should have at the beginning, but . . . well, there's a whole LIFE to tell here, so I skimmed some.

Some dude told me a hilarious joke at work.  He said, "You know why all Books-A-Million customers don't have hemorrhoids?"  I took the bait and asked why, and the dude said, "Because God made them perfect assholes."  WAHAH!  Weirdly that was told to me by a customer.

Went to karaoke with Jeaux on Wednesday.  The day before, some lady was buying a book light but she kept referring to it as a "karaoke light," and she said she wanted to use it to read the book in the dark bar.  I asked her where she did karaoke and it was a place we hadn't known about: a lounge of the Holiday Inn, starting at 8 on Wednesdays.  So we actually went, though I don't think we'll be going again--the book, though the thickness of a Yellow Pages, had no good songs really, and the crowd was decidedly semi-partier mid-thirties crowd.  (We had to watch a crowd of them go on the stage and sing the hip-hop song from Moulin Rouge--badly--and a couple of them did these floor-humping crotch motions that kind of made us sick to our stomachs.)  I put myself in to sing Sinéad O'Connor's version of "Nothing Compares 2 U," and Jeaux told me that while I was singing some woman from the crowd in the middle said, "I was going to sing that one, but now why bother?"  ::giggle::  I didn't show you up *intentionally*. . . .

Today was Ostara.  I planted my garden yesterday, and it literally took me ALL DAY--I dug out two areas in my sad excuse for a front yard (hah!) and managed to give myself a blister somehow, and also I dug up . . . a mat.  An ancient welcome mat.  It was just buried under the dirt a few inches down, with all these roots growing all over it.  I hauled it out and threw it away.  It has to have been under there for at least four years--the people before me left THEIR welcome mat, so it was probably from the people before THEM or even before!  Weird!

So the equinox was spent in the early part of the day noding and posting an Ostara recipe, then making hot cross buns and pineapple punch.  Then I cleaned up a tad and did my low-key little ritual--very satisfying and short--and I ate some of my feast after.  I took a little sample to my neighbor pal Mike for his own Ostara happiness, and then I stalled a little and eventually started redecorating my place for the new season.  Took down snowflakes, put up flowers and eggs.  Woo.  I got little Eostre baskets and eggs and bunnies and stuff.  Yaaay.

The spiced flower cupcakes I made look awesome.  Bet you wish you could eat one. :)  (And in response to the note below, YES they are different flavors too--pink is cherry, yellow is lemon, green is peppermint, and blue is . . . maple. I couldn't think of another yummy icing flavor that would go with blue.)




Must..have... cupcake... [Genocide]

So are the different color icing different flavors, or are they just colorful. Still look yummy. But the clover cookies were good enough, cause they were made with moonbeams. [xcali]

Yarrr, I miss being in a college town. I never knew how much of a country western crowd existed in Florida until I started frequenting karaoke bars in the panhandle. Where do they get their cowboy hats? Their cowboy boots? Also, there are no pretty girls here.

Your pal!


Num. I had something witty to say but the sight of the cupcakes drove it from my brain completely. [Meggie]

PLEASE come to Ohio and bake for me, Ivy!!! - Ronni

I want the Maple one...

licks computer screen.


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