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"My mind is already made up."



So, today I've been written off as a close-minded person because "my mind is already made up" about religion.

Come on, that's a cop-out. It just means you don't have any answers to give me that satisfactorily answer my arguments and questions about Christianity. Because these haven't been (or in some cases can't be) answered, I remain unable to believe I've made the wrong choice.

Today I read some of a recommended book, The Case For Faith. Even though I doubt it will make any arguments for Christianity that I haven't heard before and judged unworthy of believing, I chose to take another look at why people believe.

There was a paragraph about a bear in a trap being unable to understand that a kind person's approach is for the purpose of freeing it, not harming it. But because the bear is not human, the purpose of approach can't be explained, and so the bear's reaction is anger and resistance.

This was likened to humans' inability to understand why God would make them suffer; since we are not Gods, we don't understand why we would be made to suffer, for what purpose.

My problem with that is, we CAN be communicated with and made to understand complex problems, being supposedly created in God's image and whatnot. It would certainly make suffering much easier if we were told it would only last until we died, and then we'd be given a glorious life in Heaven.

Some believe we have been told that.

I haven't heard it from the horse's mouth myself. Just from a book that a bunch of other humans tell me is the Word of God. But humans, being imperfect, lie all the time, by intention, omission, or ignorance. I simply don't believe it just because someone said it.

Speaking of which, I do believe that the books of the Bible were probably originally written when they are widely believed to have been, but over the years there's quite a lot of possibility that they could have been changed, tainted, or had bits lost, and it's most likely that much of it was passed down by word of mouth rather than handed down through the ages on an actual piece of paper.

Hmm, Mr. †BrotherJimWDJD's been busy in my note boxes again.

Hey there, Jim--I didn't mean you to think I was calling you a militant Christian, I don't think you're nasty about trying to spread the word, but you certainly come across very evangelical to the point of being offensive, so it certainly is a shock. (To those outside the faith anyway.) I didn't mean by asking you to take the discussion out of the public eye that you should be ashamed of anything you're saying; it's just not the right medium. I don't want my diary to be a giant religious discussion, and unless future independent issues come up I do intend to end it here.

I very much doubt that e-mailing privately with a woman violates any of God's marriage laws, but I do know what certain people believe about avoiding "the appearance of evil," such as those who refuse to celebrate Halloween (meaning the widespread custom of dressing up and collecting candy, not the actual celebration of Samhain in a Pagan manner)...some people believe that to even engage in something that in any way has a connection with the Pagan roots of the holiday's past would be to appear to be worshipping the devil. And, well, according to the Gospels, God doesn't like that. It's understandable when I think about the framework your thoughts are set up in.

I really don't like to argue about things but I like to know others' opinions. That's why I've read plenty of books and been to services whose purposes are to worship in a way I don't believe in. Because I feel it's unfair to disregard something if I don't know the basics of it. But because I believe that the only divinity in the world is the kind that talks to me with every breath of the wind, I can't believe something that I haven't heard that breath say.


*shrug* I'm not trying to make you believe in something, but I was just wondering if you actually take the time to listen to your heart. Your instincts can be very powerful (at least I think so) and shouldn't be disregarded. Be true to yourself- that's the most you can do. You don't have to answer me- I just found your diary randomly, but I thought I'd give you something to think about. [Elizabeth?]

"I simply don't believe it just because someone said it." And you know what? Lord Buddha told his followers to do that very thing - not believe something just because someone said it. He encouraged his followers to put all teachings, including his own, to the test and see if it actually works. So you're fine. Don't worry about it. [FireHeart]

I love you love you love you!!! I had a simple Solstice ceremony too. I was thinking about the Esbat when I was up there and we went out and bathed in the moonlight for a bit. Loverly. [Meggie]

Oh, and while Brother Jim can be a bit long-winded, something that can happen to the best of us, he's all right. He's actually a pretty nice guy. I've had some really long notes from him too, but he is a very caring person. So no worries. [FireHeart]

I feel no strong need to seek out more just to make sure I'm right about it being wrong; I mean no disrespect to the people trying to help me, but if they say something and it just does not ring true with me, by way of intellect, intuition, logic, or experience, I am not going to accept it as true, and that's all there is to it. This was your comment not mine, and there is also another [†BrotherJimWDJD]

But if I know the basic belief and I don't agree with it, why would I keep studying and studying? I think that would those words constitute a mind made up. I don't feel the need to study, and if they say anything that doesn't fit into my parameters I just won't beleive it, that is all there is to it. What other conclusion can be made from them statement. If you would say, I don't believe it [†BrotherJimWDJD]

but I could look into it, weigh everything into the balance, then I wouldn't have said that. But I think you made it perfectly clear, that no matter what I would say, if it conflicts with your worldview you will not accept it, and you don't see the need to study something you know is wrong. Kind of tied my hands, wouldn't you say? [†BrotherJimWDJD]

Sorry last note I promise, I just noticed something I didn't see the first time, I am perfectly happy to let it end at this junction, I have never as far as I know overstepped my welcome, and I don't intend on starting today. So I will certainly honor your thoughts to this issue. God bless [†BrotherJimWDJD]

Hi!! *waves* First off, you seem like a cool person, lol. I enjoyed reading your last few entries :o) I see you've had a run in with BJ, LOL...he's not bad, quite harmless :o) And yes...I totally agree with your writer quote on your DD - the same applies more to me with my music tho. What instruments do you play? Ever try the violin or the piano? Any favorite pieces?? [Moonlight Shadows]

Sorry, I'm really nosy :o) And as far as your dirty mouth goes, so do I, has gotten me into trouble quite a few times O:-) Anyways, just thought I'd say hi, IMO you're not just know how far ideas that already don't coincide with yours will be taken...that's not closemindedness, that's knowing yourself...but again, that's just MO :o) Oh yeah, [Moonlight Shadows]

one more question...what does your name mean?? Anything special?? Again, sorry for all the notes but I am nosy :o) [Moonlight Shadows]

We are our own Gods that's why we suffer, because we allow it with our thoughts and feelings. [Ginn]

Christ-on-a-stick, for Pete's sake...religion is always right in the first person. Spirituality...that's more ineffable. [Pin'k]

:D A close-minded person probably wouldn't even check basics of a different religion (if the sitituation needed him/her too) and you are not that kind of person. Besides, if your religion "works" for you, there is no reason to change it (not that anyone was trying to convert you) ^___^ I'm enjoying reading your entries so far, they are really well-thought out... *worships* [katqueen]

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