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Partaaay! Haaaay!


Well, gumdrops and sticky snacks.  Still having fun in Ohio.  Wow, I'm so happy to be on vacation.  And to not be in Florida where things are going to Hell again.  Everyone wanted to know why I'm going to OHIO of all places to vacation--like, "OHIO?? What in the world is THERE?"  (Um, my friend Ronni, DUH and dork cakes!)  But you know what isn't here?  Hurricane Jeanne.  So there.  (I hope my friends and family are okay . . . I've heard NOTHING. . . . )

So.  Ronni woke me up early this morning and as usual I popped right up, which seemed to amuse her.  Yeah, I get up fast.  I don't seem to have much of an in between. Most days anyway.

We had to get up early because today was Amish Country.  And since her husband is technically on call sometimes, we had to go and be ready to be back nearby if he did happen to get called in.  So.  Out we went with the family and me packed into the car, and we arrived at Chris's brother's house and I met Josh and Kelly.  Hooray.  They're just moving into that place.  Kelly bakes, like I do.  She had made zucchini bread and muffin things.  Anyway, we took off in the cars and after a really long drive we hit Amish Country.  There were Amish people in buggies drawn by horses going by all the time, and horse crap on the streets of course.  (We made fun of the doodoo.  But it was really stinky.)  We got to hit this cheese shop place that lets you SAMPLE ALL THE CHEESES--they had fudge too--and I found myself thinking about Fred because he would totally die in that place and try to buy everything after he sampled it.  He likes food.  We also went to this country store and I got pictures of me holding this horrifically huge chocolate bar and a ginormous cheese wheel.  OMG.  Huge.  Scary.  I think the others were amused at my amazement.

Then I started to find things like cookie cutters and candy sprinkles and junk that I had to have, so I broke the seal and started buying cute things, almost all baking related.  We stopped for lunch at a place where I could get a grilled cheese sammich without ordering off the kiddie menu.  w00t!  We all had a yum lunch and took off to shop again.  I had SUCH a great time shopping--they had these big country stores that were full of baking stuff and gadgets and we found the cutest doll shop and a craft store that had several floors and OMG.  I just can't describe it.  I can't!  ARGH!  I talked a little to my new acquaintances as we walked and it was pretty cool.  Finally everyone was tired and it was time to go home.

We only got to rest for a short while--long enough to wipe off Aidan's face and then mess it up again with supper--and we just lolled around doing silly things until it was time to leave for a little party at Christy and Chad's: two people who are Ronni's pals.  I got introduced to a whole bunch of people who are Ronni's friends from church, and we ate a lovely dinner.  Unfortunately the main courses were all meat things so Christy was nice enough to make me some macaroni and cheese, which Ronni requested with her meal as well.  I ate the macaroni and cheese and a hamburger bun, and loads of chips and bits of this sweet cheese thing Chris bought and fudged with.  A girl named Abby brought cookies, but they were snickerdoodles so I couldn't eat them.  Bah to this cinnamon allergy.

Aidan was a little cranky and he fell off the chair and hit his little head.  That was scary.  But he calmed down and hung out with his dad most of the night--outside where it was freezing.  So!  After the dinner we all kinda moved into the living room and someone put on the new Star Wars thingie, but I didn't watch that--Ronni and I were kind of messing with her Scrabble game.  I got restless and cold at one point so I decided I needed to move and went to the kitchen to close up chip bags and move dishes to the sink and throw out trash and stuff.  I was sad that I didn't bring anything to the party and didn't help cook or anything so I wanted to do a little bit of something, and that satisfied it.  Chad came in and was like, "Oh what are you doing, we'll do that!" but ya know, I like it when people help me clean up after a mess, so I wanted to.  Plus I wasn't doing anything important and I was freaking cold!  Hah.  Anyway.  I went back to the living room and froze for a while until it was time to split. 

And now I'm back at Ronni's slightly warmer and clean after a bath.  They must think I'm a dork, acting like I'm a popsicle here, but damn, I'm from Florida, you know?  MEH!


Yeah I was herein the middle of Jeanne's crotch, but she's moving north. We had a bunch of fun with no power for 14 hours. And then I got to drive in the 40mph winds and rains. I'm glad to hear everything is going well with you cutie. Stay safe and have fun...... [xcali]

Yummy... cheese. The largest chocolate bar I've seen was in Hershey, Penn. and it was 10lbs, and I bought the stupid thing. It took weeks to finish. Show me the pictures! [katqueen]

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