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I'm a strong man!


I forget what day it was. I was at work and the back room was really crowded with shit that wasn't supposed to be there, and I was faced with the rather annoying task of attempting to get a book cart out of the back room onto the sales floor. There was not room to wheel the cart out.

One of my co-workers, Ben, said it would be easiest to just lift the cart over everything in the way and carry it out there instead of trying to wheel it down the too-narrow path. He grabbed one end and then, disturbingly, called out to another guy who was back there, asking for help to carry it out. When he didn't get his attention immediately he asked my manager Pat for help. And I was standing right there.

I was rather insulted that he seemed to think I wasn't capable of this task, so before anyone had been able to register what was happening, I just picked up the cart myself. And I must say we made it to the sales floor without any difficulty at all.

See? I'm a big strong man too.

Ha ha. Showed your ass.


Go girl! More power to you! [GuiltyInnocence]

Heh, he probably thought he was being nice or chilvalrous (and I know I spelled that very wrong...) -Ronni

Hahahahaha! [Meggie]

Macho Ivy!! Actually, maybe you used your telekinetic powers. Come on now, tell the truth. [katqueen]

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