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I'm busy, yet I talk on the phone for 3 hours.


Today I got online to work on a project I've been steadily building, and someone IMed me out of the blue, asking me if I can sing Kate Bush. Interesting, I just updated my AOL profile yesterday and listed her, and now I get a contact about it.

Turned out the guy was this nice dude named Steve and he liked to play Kate Bush songs on the piano, and was looking for someone to satisfy an odd urge: He wanted to call someone and play the songs on the piano while they sang.

I wasn't interested at first, since I was busy and wasn't sure I wanted to take time out from my plans to sing with some random guy. But he talked me into it, and I signed off so he could call.

Long story short, he played one of her songs and I sang along--he was quite a good pianist--and we ended up talking about musical taste, and after almost getting off the phone I happened to mention that my project I was anxious to get back to was a continuing compilation of Pagan-oriented songs, and we started talking more about music and random stuff until we digressed all over the place, and I resigned myself to just having an amusing conversation rather than trying to get back to what I was doing.

We talked about Kate Bush and Tori Amos and some other favorite musicians, and we discussed personal matters, musical experiences, attitudes, society, and whatever else came to mind. He suggested some songs I need to download and a video series on mythology I should see, and I mentioned several bits of my homepage he might be interested in looking at.

Then my neighbors started having sex on the other side of the wall again.

I mentioned it to him, and he told me the funniest story of "the rudest thing [he] ever did." (Or at least one of them.) I decided to mention it here so that I don't forget how hilarious it was.

Apparently a housemate on the other side of a thin wall was humping his girlfriend, and Steve could hear the bouncing rhythm they had going on. So he began playing a song, exactly to the beat of their humpage: "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain When She Comes."

They could hear it since the walls were quite thin.


Anyway, I had an amusing several-hour conversation with him, and I hope we keep in touch 'cause I need more interesting people in my life.


Been a while, ne? I no longer use my open diary - the pop-ups pained me. Hopefully, I can still accomplish my goal of leaving a note on all of your entries. My first reaction to this particular one is, elegantly put, 'LOL'. :) I've heard this story before, but it still brings a smile to my face; more reason to show off my shiny braces!! [katqueen]

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