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I'm popular now.



I'm tired. I don't have any time to do anything. I have all these projects that have been on hold for months. I have two novels and a short story and a prequel in the works. I have a Web page in massive need of maintenance. I have a Pagan Music page and a Pagan Humor page that I really want to construct. I've got reading I want to do. I want to write articles on all the Animorphs and Remanants books. I kind of want a nap too. But all these things are put on hold, crushed under the pressures of my social life.

Let's look at Julie's January schedule.

December 31-January 1: New year's party; Meg and Steve leave, Phil and Jeaux day

January 3: John visits

January 4: Dinner with Mike

January 6: John leaves

January 8: Jeaux day

January 9-10: Phil visits

January 15: Jeaux day

January 17: My birthday, Meg visits

January 18: Ian arrives

January 19: Meg leaves

January 22: Jeaux day

January 23: Ammy visits

January 29: Jeaux day

January 30: Les MisÚrables with Mike

Urk. Considering that December was also filled with such things including Christmas holidays with parents, and that I am also working five days a week, I am a bit exhausted, and yet when Phil called tonight and asked if he can visit again next week (and I said no, got plans, and he said okay, I don't mind the next week instead), I said it would be okay. I love frolicking with my buddies, but I'm wondering if I am doing it too much. Perhaps I am escaping from my solitary work. Maybe it is scaring me. Or maybe my friends just really, really like me, and I them.

Err...couldn't some of this "friends can't get enough of me" thing happened when I needed it in middle school?



Just get rid of Jeaux and all of your problems are solved!!!! He's been stealing your undergarments anyways :( LOVE, IAN

Ugh. Not enough Ivy-time, huh? [katqueen]

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