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Favortie Characters



God, I love my job.


Dammit. My favorite manager quit today. He decided to leave the company because he's depressed, which sucks because now *I'm* depressed. I mean, good for him, maybe he'll feel better, but FUUUUUCK! I liked having a manager who sat in the back room with me watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force for forty-five minutes last week. (Sure, it's not much for being productive, but who the hell cares?) I liked swapping shite customer stories with him and sharing our rants about the air of entitlement surrounding the fuck-knobs we have to serve. I liked his jaunty little eyebrow cocking gesture, and the fact that he always stayed so cool under pressure. Goddamn it! Scott is gone.

Anyway, my company sucks the big one.


The company has come up with this amazing way to accomodate the loads of extra books they like to send us when they haven't thought far ahead enough to go, "Gee, where the hell are they going to PUT these products since they sure as hell don't have the fixtures for it?" Well, their answer was a mandate from the corporate headquarters that we're allowed to just stack shit on the floor if we have too much of it. Stacking piles of books on the floor next to displays! It makes it look like some unfinished project someone's doing, but all the time! Ass clowns.


There's a section called "Favorite Characters" in my beginning reader books, where we group like all the books about Clifford the Big Red Dog or Rolie Polie Olie or freakin' Scooby Doo. They came up with this idea to make the section sometime last year and implemented it in our stores, creating a giant messy cluster-fuck of a reset deal thing, and after it was all over it looked pretty good. There are little codes that tell us what categories the books go in, and they're printed on the stickers. For some reason even though probably a couple dozen people had to see the paperwork before they decided to start printing "Favorite Characters" on the stickers, still someone was able to make a typo and now EVERY BOOK IN THE SECTION proudly displays its categorization of "FAVORTIE CHARACTERS." That's right, boys and girls, "Favor TEE EYE EE." I've been calling it that lately. It's a bit funny, but mostly annoying, because the company I work for is responsible for that blasphemy. It's not like when we ordered the replacement light bulbs for reading lights from China, and the package said "Two Blubs." No, that was another company's fault. But dammit! We're a BOOKSTORE. We no should have typos on shit! 'Specially not on signs that everyone sees (like our Special Events sign, proudly listing "Kid's Storytime" and several other "Kid's" events, as if there is only ONE CHILD to whom these events belong). Fuckin' BAM execs! Get your shit together!


Goddamn! My section was trashed today! I cleaned it yesterday afternoon, but when I went for my lunch break today I walked by and thought I was going to puke, adding to the messes on the floor. There were no aisles without some sort of book or toy thrown on the floor, and every shelf was decorated with things like magazines shoved on top of the books, torn-open toy products, or little cups of coffee considerate people had left me in case I wanted to sample their cold, backwashed bean liquid. Fucking sitting on bookshelves! Half-full coffee cups that people just couldn't be bothered with anymore! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? And don't any of you assholes reading this DARE think "well, they're giving you a job." My job is to stock, organize, and maintain the Kids' section. Disposing of COFFEE CUPS and playing maid to children I did not birth is not in my job description, and it does not feel like much of a favor when you make a mess and then kid yourself into thinking if you didn't do such things, someone would be out of a job. No-no-no. I'll have you know that no one in our company has EVER been hired with the title "Designated picker-upper." Nope. THAT GOES FOR MOVIE THEATERS TOO, dickheads.

Hah! That was like channeling the true Spirit of Rant™. I feel better now.


Back in the day, I thought it was my God given right to leave my crumpled up popcorn bag and drink container in the theater after the movie was over. Sometime during my teenage years, I noticed that the theater would have employees stand outside the doors with garbage bags in hand. Long story short, I don't leave garbage in the theater anymore. Clean floors = good! [Optimus_prime]

If it makes you feel any better, I never thought that after I passed law school and the Bar exam that someone would pay me my hourly rate to mold out of cooking clay a sculpture of a hand with the middle finger sticking up as a paperweight for a client. Yes, yes - I feel your pain. [wunderkont] know those language violation things you made - next time this happens, send one anonymous to them. HAHA! Well, maybe you should start one of those "ribbon" campaigns for consideration for those who work for hourly rates :) [katqueen]

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