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Update: DDR!



My adapter came! I've been waiting for this adapter thingie to get here; I ordered it from freakin' Korea or something. Now I can plug it into my computer and play DDR. And you better believe I'm doing so.

It came yesterday. Jeaux and I were still hanging out because he'd slept over, and we decided to go out for food and play DDR at the mall. We stopped first at a wonderful wrap place that Meggie showed me long ago. For some reason, both times I've eaten there, they've translated my order of "nothing but cheese and mushrooms" to "nothing but cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, and lots of gloppy mayonnaise." Okay, so it's not so wonderful; I guess they can't wrap their brains around the possibility that ANYONE could not want mayo and lettuce. But at least this time he'd put relatively little lettuce on it and I was able to pick it out. The mayo wasn't bad but I wouldn't have asked for it. I didn't complain.

We went to the DDR room and there was another couple there. The guy I had met another time while DDRing! He, surprisingly, really loves the game but plays on the easiest level, and has been playing about as long as I have. (That's so cool. I play on the standard mode, the middle-difficulty level.) He was trying to teach the girl who was with him--probably his girlfriend--how to play. She seemed to be picking it up pretty well and passed most of her songs while we were there. While we were talking amongst ourselves she told me she used to be in a stepping group. That explains it. That guy is cool. He was barefoot and had painted toenails! Bright red!

Jeaux attempted his first graded song. (He's practiced a lot with a pad--and without--but without being able to plug it in with an adapter, he didn't know how good he was doing.) He passed them all his very first time on the machine, which was really good. But then he didn't want to play again.

The arcade's DDR machine has two pads so you can play with or against each other, but the other one is broken, so the other DDR guy and I took turns dancing on it when each other were playing, just for extra fun practice. I played on standard, though, so it was kind of hard for him to keep up, though he thought he would do well if he tried the song I was doing on standard himself. Later, when he got to play, he did indeed try it, but he got kicked out when he failed. Then he talked me into trying a song on the hardest level. It didn't take too long for me to get kicked out myself, but at least I didn't die immediately. :D

When Jeaux and I departed, we checked my mail but the adapter wasn't there yet. We were sad. So we decided we'd hang out until mail time, since he wanted to take his home if it came. We determined we would bake something I'd been needing to bake for Mabon anyway (glazed apple bite thingies), which involved peeling twelve to fourteen apples, but before we even got started the mailman personally knocked on the door and delivered the adapters!

Long story short: Jeaux left at 10:30 that night.

We set up our adapters and got them both to work with our pads and played together for quite a long time. Then we also baked the apple thing, and as it baked we went grocery shopping and briefly played more DDR. We watched some of The Brak Show and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast that he had on tape.

I spent a lot of time downloading new DDR songs today, but I danced surprisingly little, being busy with other things like baking banana bread, doing my laundry, and washing my dishes. :D


Whole entry about DDR. you silly wench. :) [Meggie]

*hugs DDR machine* Hm...I'd love to download new songs for my DDR...I'll see what that whole adapter thing is about :) That'd be awesome. I have DDRMax. I don't know if there are different versions, but the Max part makes me wonder. [katqueen]

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