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Junk food part II


I usually have a couple breakfasts and at least one lunch, but Ronni is more of a once-a-day meal and tiny snacks in between maybe person, so I kind of picked at leftover apple bread and cake (and Sun Chips Aidan knocked on the floor) instead of making a meal or anything.  When I got up it was the middle of the damn day already--yeah, there's vacation living--and she'd been up since early because her son was.  Anyway, they were watching the Little People video, and I went in my guestroom to write while Ronni was on the computer and Aidan dumped Sun Chips out for the second time.  Eventually, though, the two of us got our crap together and walked out the door to see the chiropractor (well, for HER to see the chiropractor) and then the grocery store, where I was excited to find they had a very cool housewares section.  We bought our junk and admired Aidan being cute with chocolate bars.  Then we went home.

Calzone dough was fashioned from Adam's rib--I mean, mere flour, water, yeast, syrup, and salt--and I set it to rise. We went to Chad and Christy's to pick up Chris's cell phone and my forgotten recipe box, and when we got back the dough was risen and we could use it to make our junk.  With Newsies in the background, we put filling in the calzone pizza thingies and baked them, and when they were ready and Ronni's pasta was done we ate them.  Aidan got it all over himself and the table.  So after the food Ronni had to give him a bath, telling me on the way that she didn't think we had time to make the cookies tonight. Well, I figured our time was running short in this visit and I was damned if we bought that stuff to NOT make them, so I put the dough together while she was busy and by the time she came down again with a clean boy the place smelled like lemon.  Yum.

Chris came home and approved heartily of our calzones, eating two leftover ones from Ronni's pepperoni ones.  (We made four cheese ones for me and four pepperoni ones for her.  She ate one.  I ate all four of mine once the evening was up.  God I'm a huge-ass pig.)  While the lemon cookies were baking I cleaned up some and Chris called me Cinderella.  Hahah.  It's sort of this weird unfinished feeling I get if I cook or bake and then I don't clean--and I hate it when I have a messy kitchen at home so I generally jump right on the cleanup part.  Plus I wasn't interested in watching the news, which they were doing at that point--I did lend it an ear, though, and heard the news guy whining about how the hurricanes in Florida were somehow affecting gas prices in Ohio.  Oh, poor Ohio!  GAS prices went up!  I feel so sorry for them!  Or how about, I don't know if my apartment is still up?  I'll find out when I get back. . . .

After Aidan was in bed we tried to watch Wicked, but my companions both fell asleep.  (Chris was out like a dog maybe fifteen minutes in.  Ronni stuck it out bravely but didn't make it to intermission.  She woke up again once she had the computer engaging her brain instead of sitting still soaking.  We might get back to the movie tomorrow or something.  I'll wait until she says she's ready to see it instead of trying to cram it in when she's beat.)

And before I went to bed I had to have a fight with the toilet.  It wouldn't flush, and a search of likely places in their house did not turn up a plunger (though I found THREE toilet brushes), but eventually I got it to flush after the fifth try, and I think it's working now.  That will teach me to pig out on free junk food (yesterday, ugh) and then expect the toilet to accommodate extraordinary demands. . . .

Now it is time for friggin' BED!


I love reading your diary, but really, some of that was more than I needed to know! ;o) popgp

There's just too much mention of food in these entries! I'm very hungry now. Gah. Ahh... I just read that part about the toilet. I'm not hungry anymore. [katqueen]

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