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Under God....


Everyone's up in arms over this Pledge of Allegiance thing. I've always thought it makes kids sound like little automatons. I mean, they all say it the same, with the pauses in all the same places... "I pledge allegiance (what's allegiance?) the flag...of the United States of America. And to the Republic (what's a Republic?)...for which it stands (we've already forgotten that "to the Republic for which it stands" is one thought)...One nation...Under God...indivisible (what's in-di-viz-uh-bull?)...with liberty and justice for all!" Most of them, if asked, don't know what some of the words mean and most definitely not what they all mean together.

Most adults, if asked, don't know that the words "under God" were inserted in the middle of last century.

I don't care. I don't think it's something kids should be asked to say in school. Of course you won't get in trouble for not saying it, but why is it even suggested as something to say in school? What is inherent about learning that everyone affirms they're American?

I'm not really sure what I'm getting at here. I don't hate living here and I wouldn't rather live elsewhere. I just think that after a certain point, patriotism fosters the "us-them" feeling, the increase of people's perception of difference between us, the lack of global harmony and the perpetuated division between peoples of different cultures.

I have no problem with being proud of heritage or culture, or of your national identity. I just have problems with the value judgments based on those, and with the people who try to make others feel bad if they don't choose to subscribe to the mainstream values.

This country wasn't founded on God. It was founded on the freedom to worship whatever God however way the people wanted. The escape from oppression of all types. The ability to say and do what you want, publicly, without fear that someone's higher-than-thou opinion will cause you to lawfully get your head chopped off.

That's what America's supposed to be.

Yet people insist that it's all about being one nation under God. How can we be one nation under God if not even everyone believes in one, and those that do believe in one don't believe the same things about Him/Her/It or choose to worship differently? It's this bullshit "all united under the law of God" that appalls me, because there is no freakin' consensus on what that supposed God wants, and I certainly don't appreciate some Congressman or President trying to tell me that he speaks in accordance with God's will.

You let each of us decide that.

THAT is America.


I agree exactly. And to those who say it's tradition, the words "under God" were added in the 1950s, i wouldn't call it tradition for as long as our country has existed. But that's me. [KungFu_Kitty]

fathead, I am going to try to call you tonight around 8. I will email you this message as well. [Meggie]

aw, sweet entry. right on, i agree with ya. [**SilverStar**]

I am really glad the courts made this decision. "ONE nation. INDIVISIBLE. With liberty and justice FOR ALL." Addition by subtraction. Back to the original, baby. Old school America. Gotta love it. [Freder]

Wow...this is a big "WOW" for me. I never thought about it like that. From now on, I'll exclude the under god part. Thanks for broadening my horizons. You and your website do a good job at that ^_____^ [katqueen]

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