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I haven't been writing in here very much because I'm a pork rind. Sorry for being such a pork rind, y'all.

I am going to tell you some of the things that have happened, stupid and small things, big and important things, so you have some idea of the crap that's been going on lately and the reason why I haven't really been writing here. I saved the biggest news for last. dropped a bomb that they will delete copyrighted material. Many of my articles there included the lyrics of Ween songs in their entirety. I had to go through the entire set of my essays and tweak them so that I only went as far as fair use. As of now this has been completed.

Jeaux is moving to Gainesville. He has a place (with a roomie) and is trying to get transferred to the other Books-A-Million store (not the one where I work). The roommates jerked him around, the store manager at the other store is jerking him around, and now his parents want to borrow money from him in the midst of his crisis. Things are not good in his little world.

Something hilarious happened at work. Our boss Phil relies on his employees a lot, and doesn't know how to do anyone else's job (so the others say). Some of the employees cornered him and told him he needed to learn everyone else's job, and one manager started rattling off hypothetical situations which would cause him to have to do our jobs. "Diana finally got sick of this place and quit. Beth's nine months pregnant and can't do Hallmark anymore. Pat's DEAD." When it was suggested that I found myself a good man, Pat broke in and said, "No, she found herself a good WOMAN, and they moved to Oregon to raise goats together." Hehehe. So Diana quit, Beth's pregnant, Pat's dead, and I'm a lesbian. He better learn our jobs quick, some of that stuff just might happen.

Meghan and Katelyn just visited me. I'm writing from after their visit. Meg and I had a nice talk after Kates fell asleep. (It's hard to do that with a five-year-old dominating our attention, but I would not trade her for anything.) We talked about books, and I got to do DDR at the arcade at the mall, and I bought Ween's new CD Quebec. It's been forever since they had a new CD. Yay.

I own 3 DVDs. An Alanis Morissette DVD that Jeaux gave me, a DVD of Chicago, and a DVD of the anime Read or Die.

Mom was here last week. Lots of good things happened (e.g., she got to see my DDR game, we got some nice things for my house, she liked my birthday present, we had a good talk). Unfortunately we also fought too. Despite being related we are not compatible in several ways. Maybe one day we'll just accept it. In the meantime we should probably just shop separately to preserve our sanity.

I'm redoing my music page so it's not a large piece of shit anymore.

I got my passport and I'm hopefully going to go to Japan sometime in November or whatever. My sister is going to have my mother and me out there and she'll show us around. I'm hoping everything works out.

My big news: For the sixth time, I have given birth--not to a child but to a story. My book Bad Fairy is complete. I finished it on September 3rd (its rough draft anyway), and I've been keeping that quiet because until I get the edges smoothed down and the loose ends tied up, it's not really in a state for anyone else to see it. I just have to say it's . . . well, it's something else. This is the one, you guys . . . now let's see about getting published. If you're interested in reading my revamped fairy tale--Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty told from the bad fairy's point of view--kindly let me know. I could use some opinions and editing.

Well, that was all the news that's fit to print. That I can think of. Whatever.


Congratulations on finishing Bad Fairy, and I guess you've been really busy. Well still miss you.....

Oof. I fight all the time with my mom. We just had a huge fight last night. I am sooooooo glad I got to see you. Nasty whore.

Yes! Kill all humans! I mean congrats on finishing! Also on all the parts you did prior to finishing. If you need illustrations, you know who to ask. I'll bring the finger paints.


Bad Fairy-ness :)

I was in our town's local bookstore when I saw this book called WICKED - a book going through what made The Wicked Witch of the West what she was. Not remotely anything like Bad Fairy though. [katqueen]

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