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Doll clothes


"AWWWW! It looks like cute little doll clothes!" --Jeaux, observing the size of my jacket

I have this very professional-looking fitted jacket. It's gray and looks like it belongs on a business executive who wears runless stockings, severe heels, and the perfect amount of makeup. The only catch is that it is tiny, because it is made to fit someone my size. Jeaux looks at it and mocks.

People at work can't understand that I ride my bike one time a week, just ONCE, on Sundays, when there is no bus. Several times a week someone asks me something like "How did you get here?" or "how are you getting home?" or "do you need a ride?" all concerned that I am stuck there or something. I don't know why people can't comprehend that I never ride my bike except when there is no bus. It is this weird foreign concept to them. And many of the people who ask these questions have asked them six or seven different times. For some reason it sticks in their minds that I cannot drive, but they can't remember that buses exist.

I bought the eleventh book in K.A. Applegate's Remnants series today. It was lovely. And exciting. I wonder what is up with K.A. Applegate anyway. In every book she kills at least one of the characters, it seems. Damn, lady, you killed Planet Earth in book 1, isn't that enough? No, you have half the crew of the spaceship wake up dead after that, and then all these other people kill each other or get themselves killed. Or infested with mutated worms. Go fig.

I've just gotten over a cold. I got it on Saturday last week and finally felt really better on Thursday evening, mostly. Everyone at work is still sick. :P

Very tired lately. Sad, tired brain.

I wrote more of my book prequel yesterday. I think I will write more now because I got too tired to do the stuff I wanted to do last night and didn't want to rush it. Off I go!


hey how ya doin? bye see ya later [xXbOoGeRxX]

Why hello, there! Your diary makes me laugh, I think its your writing style. *grins* So, have a great day, and good luck with your prequal, as well as the book its self! Jenn [)Wunderlust(]

I wanna read your prequel...but then again, you might wanna hold off until I get that hotcrap Ivy fanpic done.. [katqueen]

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