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I am afraid of the people in my brain.


There're these weird people called "characters" that populate my brain and take up a lot of my thinking time. I have not written about them in a while now...I think about the time I got addicted to DDR. Uh-oh, bad sign. Another stupid obsession overrides the one giant obsession of my life. So...maybe I will write the next chapter today.

I'm scared to, though.

I know what this chapter will be about, and I know a couple of things that are going to happen. But overall I'm unsure of the actual events and their order. I'll just turn them loose and let them work it out as always, but for some reason I'm really afraid of this one.

This chapter will mark an unprecedented altruism in my main character's life, and although I know it will be short-lived for several reasons, it is still a major milestone in my main character's growth as a person.

This whole book so far is about the duality of her life, her desire to find her place in the regular world balancing precariously against her desire to be recognized for her "specialness" and her desire to use her unusual talents for the greater good (or at least her own). I'm scared of the next chapter because I think she's cracking up.

So am I.


I've heard somewhere that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. :) I always enjoy reading what you write. Obviously! [MissyWalks]

Oh oh oh! Not cracking up!! Poor girl... I have developed a theory recently that self-discovery is really an ongoing, neverending process. You discover new stuff about yourself every day. So that's why I love reading your books. So rich in wisdom they are. [Freder]

Oh dear, my lovely...I'm reading between the lines and as usual, sensing turmoil surfacing in my little girl's mind. Don't hesitate to call me. BTW, a bit of "cracking up" runs in the family and it can be a good thing :)

I just called to say I love you ,and I mean it form the bottom of my heart. I know it's a song ,but it's ture just saying hey a hoping thing's are good. [bale]

Speaking of brain people, J.K. Rowling won that lawsuit that crazy lady brought against her- Your pal and mine, Ian

*urges you* I'm a fan of creative insanity :D GO YOU!! This reminds me of the time I scanned a picture of this girl I found annoying and deserving of punishment, and used photoshop to make her seem like she was on the head of a beaver. I'm afraid I insulted the beaver... I apologize to all of those beavers out there. [katqueen]

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