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Candle wax is kind of hot. Be careful!


I don't like to blow out candles, I always pinch them out, with the notable exception of birthday cakes. That's partly because it's part of my largely Pagan philosophy that you shouldn't extinguish fire with air because it's insulting, but I only really apply it to things that are used in a ritual way. The candles I just put out were my altar candles, the ones I light every night while I write in my pencil-and-paper journal about my day. That one's usually a lot more boring and is more for purposes of remembering what the hell I did that day than it is for rumination. I'll use this place for that.

This morning I was late for work and I'd forgotten to get the breakfast I usually grab. I thought about going back for it, but then I remembered they were going to feed me at work.

Which they never do.

That's strange, I thought. I wondered why I would have remembered that, but figured there might be something true about it, since a lot of times knowing something about the near future is just like a memory. So I went to work on an empty stomach, and shortly after I punched in there was Diana, the cashier, offering me a cinnamon roll.

Yep, bingo.

Strange characters today...on my bus, the bus driver accidentally switched lanes when she needed to still be in the right lane to handle my stop. I informed her of the situation and she apologized and tried to get back over, and I felt shitty about that and apologized to her too. I felt bad that she'd have to try to get back into that difficult other lane now, and told her so. She replied, "Don't worry 'bout that, honey, the Lord helps me do everything!" And some guy agreed with her "Yeah!" and gave her like this really strangely enthusiastic thumbs up. I escaped the God Squad and went to work.

And at work, I had an argument with a customer who insisted that "ecstatic" was not a real word.

He claimed it was not in the dictionary.

His girlfriend (I think) managed to find "ecstasy" but not "ecstatic" in the dictionary, and I reminded her that "ecstatic" was an adjective form of "ecstasy" so it might not have its own entry. This proved to be the case and she went to show Boyfriend, but he was already walking away muttering "It ain't a word, it ain't!" She chased him with the book trying to make him look at it, but he wouldn't and kept insisting "ecstatic" wasn't a real word. I love people who can use reference books to prove they're right, but don't believe them when they prove they're wrong.

I think this guy rivals my other most ridiculous customers: The lady who doesn't like "books with pages and pages of writing," the druggie woman who stole pages out of our phone book, and the screwed up cowboy who actually asked me if I had a section on "niggers." >:O


Hello Kitty says: I wish someone had given me a cinnamon roll at school. I was late and I didn't have time to eat. I starved pitifully until lunch, where I got cramps. I'm a Catholic and I do believe in the Lord, but he's not going to help me deal with cramps. My headache was so painful that I couldn't remember any prayers. For most, stupidity is not a given, it's earned. [katqueen]

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