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One day after reading a particularly bad children's book that had somehow managed to secure a Newbery Award, I said for the millionth time, "I could do better than that!"

So I decided I'd stop talking big and try it. I mean, if I'm such hot stuff, why not do something with it?

I've got two chapters written of my future-Newbery-Award-winning novel, currently tentatively titled Joint Custody. I worked on it some tonight, surprising myself by doing so because I had other things I was planning on focusing on.

Of course, a lot of those things went out the window when I lay down on my bed and fell asleep for several hours, waking up only about 15 minutes before my votes were due. (I raced against the clock and ultimately lost, with five votes to use the clock hit 7 and I lost my bonus. FUCK!)

So I got up and played DDR in my living room, having unwisely left the pad hooked up from when my dad dropped me off earlier and I had to show it to him. It distracted me and called to me so I danced on it for a while. Poop, there goes more of my day.

Then I did the important stuff, answered e-mails, got my snail-mail, checked phone messages. Poop! I left my homepage additions alone for a while and opened my Joint Custody manuscript, which this evening was at a chapter and a half. I thought about some stuff and expanded both chapters and went ahead and finished chapter two. Then I decided I wanted titled chapters (though I may change that later). Chapter 1 is called "Bay" and Chapter 2 is called "Vanilla." Yay. It's looking good. Though I have no earthly idea what Chapter 3 will be about. I think my main character needs to go swimming. That'll fix him.

Damn, I wish I had time to work on the other novel and the short story I'm writing. I just want to be a hermit for like a week.

Knowing me, I'd just play DDR the whole time. I SUCK.



:-) [In Battle She Cries]

Ju-lo, if you were to ask me, which you did NOT, I would say "don't be so hard on yourself! Schedule more fun times my friend, you are only young once, or twice if you are Superman!" So yeah, I think that maybe these relaxy times are more productive than one would think (giving you mental health dividends and all that). Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand! You are friend, Ian

oh, and the children's book idea sounds great! much love. Word.

Just out of curiosity, what was this low-quality Newberry book? -bliiiiiiink

agh! I put two 'r's in Newbery! -blink

Yeah, what was this very awful book? I must read and bash it =) [katqueen]

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