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June, week 4


Saturday, June 19, 2004

I had fun talking to my boss while cleaning up the kids' section today.  We had talks about relationships, and I got to go out on the patio with him and drink coffee.  I like that he knows I get my work done enough to allow me breaks like that.  We also talked about writing and he asked me to e-mail him the first chapter of Bad Fairy.  That's so cool.  He also told me he had a dream about me: that I was a fairy and I said hello to him.  How odd.

Sarah dropped by to confirm tomorrow's plans, and then I did DDR and bathed as usual.  Then I did my dishes and made buckeyes.  I talked to my dear sweet mommy about all kinds of stuff.  When I finished making the buckeyes I made some more of those cheddar biscuits, which are so damn good it is horrible.  When I got off the phone with Mom, I made a drink called Mint-Flower Yogurt Drink.  I had to run my blender for that: You stick yogurt, mineral water, sugar, peaches or raspberries, and fresh mint into the blender and squish it up.  Then you got this sorta smoothie thing.  If you put garnish of mint on it, it's even better; you end up sniffing the mint just as you're drinking the thing, which enhances the flavor.  Mmm, doesn't it look good?


I called Dieter after I made it and we talked about junk. I made a fruity iced tea drink that's good for midsummer too.  I put the recipes online and on E2 and did a power nap before I finished. Then I sent chapters to Jeaux and my boss.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Forgot to call Dad, but then again I did send a card so I hope he knows I thought about him.  My friend Sarah and I had plans so I actually probably couldn't have reached him anyway; she didn't leave 'til after 11.  We went out to CiCi's Pizza and ate numminess.  I ran into my acquaintance Will there.  Anyway, we talked about stuff, and then went to pick up her husband.  Finally we ended up at her place looking at her movies.  We ended up choosing to watch Legally Blonde--which wasn't bad for what it was but had some internally heinous writing (such as when the main character proves someone is gay by a careless comment dropped by him about designer footwear, or when her whole case is won because one of the witnesses happened to drop key information).  I don't mind if you solve a case by getting lucky, Nancy Drew, but if you get a reputation for being a kickass detective because the author who created you is always giving you lucky breaks, then all you are is a paper character.  Fuck that!

Today was technically the solstice according to my witches' calendar, but all the other calendars say the first day of summer is tomorrow.  Hmm.  I had to do my ritual another day anyway because of plans with Sarah.  But I wore a pretty flowing dress in midsummer colors, and brought buckeyes and sun biscuits to work to share with my co-workers. 

Monday, June 21, 2004

All tired at work as usual these days.  Death Balls (as Diana calls the buckeyes as they are full of horrible ingredients) were still there, left over.  My manager Pat goes, "What are these abominable things you've made?"  Then she ate one.  She was running around saying she was hot, but it was like three degrees in the back room so I told her back here it wouldn't be long before she cooled off, since it was cold.  "Well, maybe for those of you without a fat layer," she said snidely.  Lovely.  I ate a Death Ball too.

Michael who used to do our back room stuff came over and hung with us today so I blew off working to gossip with him.  Yay.  I told him a bunch of store dirt and he talked about . . . not much because I was talking, actually.  He's moving back here.  I found out later he might start working at our store again.  I'd love to have him back.  He was killer!

When I got home I danced and bathed, then put on a sparkly red dress and did my Litha ritual.  It was short and sweet, and I chowed down on sun biscuits and a buckeye and some of that awesome mint drink.  Oohhhh.  Then I buried some in my yard (or what passes for a yard).  I put off redecorating until I was on the phone with Victor.  For my new decorations I put up a red finger-knitting garland with shells hanging from it, and on my altar I have a rose pattern cloth and a wedding gift basket thing surrounded by a red and yellow feather wreath wound together with ivy (I made it two years ago).  On my kitchen table I have the god's eye craft I made last year, with some seashells.  And I have this cheesy cardboard sun that I ganked from work last year; I cut out the part that used to say "sizzlin' summer sale!" and made it part of my decoration.  Yee haw!  And I talked to Victor about junk while I hung all this crap up.  Yay me.  It's summer in my house now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Boring work day, just trying to get work done.  I went on a brief typo quest, because I found stuff on our new marketing signs that is all sucky and stupid.  One of the errors is an informational error; it says the sixth Dark Tower book is actually book 4.  They had the roman numeral screwed up.  I fixed it on the sign.  The worst one, though, was this explanation of our one-day sale that will be happening Saturday.  It said "Member's Save an extra 10%!"  I swear, if you are the communications department of a major bookstore chain and you are the guy in charge of making that sign, you should seriously know the difference between plural and possessive.  Reminds me of Eats, Shoots & Leaves.  I wrote to them, by the way--the book publishers--because their audio book has a typo on the side.  Ironic, no?

Our manager Beth got roped into talking to a news crew about the new Bill Clinton book, My Life, which came out today.  It's been hyped beyond belief, but most of the people who are buying it are doing so mostly because they are curious what he is going to say about Monica Lewinsky (which amounts to "I did it because I could").  Beth hates cameras.  And now she's gonna be on TV.  Hahaha! 

I came home, did E2, did dishes, and napped.  Then Mike came and we made biscuits and macaroni and cheese.  I fed him yogurt drink and tea also.  Then we watched Pink Floyd's The Wall.  I had never seen it.  'Twas strange and long, as expected.  How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

Then we played DDR, at which we rocked ass, and then Mike went home and I pursued my editing and posting of my stupids (which amounted to a whole like three people).  There WAS this lady who was in the bathroom talking on her cell phone while she was noisily shitting.  I mean farting and turding and everything, full-on, while calmly chatting on the telephone.  I woulda thought I was on Candid Camera, except that it'd be illegal to put cameras in bathroom stalls.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Well, I can't bloody well write about this day if it's barely happened yet, can I?

Thought for the day: I'm too digital.  When I talk to people online I illustrate my talking with pictures and links.  When I'm talking in real life I often wish I could hyperlink to give examples and show visual aids and junk.  It's stupid.

And so is staying up this late to write about my stupid life.


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