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Strange. I was going out on my bike today to get some baking supplies, and I noticed that at the end of my apartment complex's parking lot, it was raining.

I watched the rain fall through the solid afternoon sun, and watched the "wall" of the rainfall slowly move toward me. It wasn't long before I could once in a while feel the drops.

Then there was a strange wind, like a little shudder moving through the immediate area. My apartment's tree gave a little whisper with its leaves, and the leaves on the ground shivered. The little rainstorm had arrived.

And then it went away again, in peace as it had come.

It was odd to just watch it advance like that, then disappear before it even had a chance to find out it was a storm.

Florida is weird.


I know what you mean. For a while today, it was raining on one side of the building, but not on the other. I hopped in puddles all the way to my car while all the others hid from the rain or dodged as best as they could. Morons. [Meggie]

That's pretty weird - though, it's cool :D I'd love the to see a "wall of rain" coming closer to me. It be kind of a neat sight, all things considered. Teehee for me! [katqueen]

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