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Persecuted by cinnamon


I swear it. I am allergic to cinnamon!

I love cinnamon. But it seems when I eat it, it is not long before I get potty runs. I also collect essential oils and I have a cinnamon oil. It burns my skin if I put it on. This is kind of absurd because I have looked cinnamon up in my herb encyclopedia and there is no indication that it is supposed to be able to do this kind of thing to people. Damn non-human body again....

Today I finished chapter 8 of my new book. It is now exactly 150 pages long. That's pretty good. My series is getting exceedingly long. It is disturbing.

The first book was 505 pages long.

The second book was 820 pages long.

The third book was 649 pages long.

The fourth book was 882 pages long.

And now the fifth is 150, and still going. Of course.

That makes just over 3000 pages o' Ivyness.

That makes my series longer than Lord of the Rings.

Even if you count The Hobbit and The Silmarillion.


Just kidding.

Today I was actually going to print out a query letter and résumé to send to various publishers about becoming a freelance reader. But wouldn't you know it, I opened the documents saved in my folder and they are OLD. Beyond old, from when I had no professional editing experience and was still in college. Bad thing is, I remember taking a fair amount of time to update the documents. Which can only mean one thing: They're on my old computer, and I forgot to save them to the zip disk when transferring the old files to my new computer.

That means I have to get my old crap computer out, hook it up again, see if I can get the zip disk attached, and save the correct text files, plus maybe I'll see if this one cool video is on there anywhere.

God I suck.


*pokes your nose* beep! *snicker* gee, you're an amusing person. cinammon burning your skin? strange. i suppose i'm being lazy to ask this (it's prolly on your site somewhere) but where an i get ahold of your books to read em? ~briar [lonelywolf]

Yup. You do. Not just that, I have a pretty good idea of what you suck. Ok, I don't know where these things are coming from. I was just kidding. Don't listen to me. Damn health education. [katqueen]

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