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And on the eighth day, God created DDR....


To give myself a "reward" for having such a crappy day, I went to the arcade after work and played DDR. There was no one else there so I could play however much I wanted, and I spent $2 (that's four games). It was fun, and I got my first A on a song. Yay.

But then I went over and bought myself some dance pads for home. (I have an adapter coming so I can use them to actually play on.) They're the soft pads, which is much cheaper (by like seventy bucks!) but I'd heard they kind of suck. I decided I had no choice if I wanted pads at all because duh, I don't have the money for such things and if I did I shouldn't spend it on that. So I got my soft pads home and they do indeed suck. I don't know how well they actually work (I'll know when I get my adapter), but despite the sign saying "non-slip" on the front, it moves a lot when you dance on it. I suppose they call it "non-slip" because they give you four little stickers to put on the bottom to permanently stick it onto a surface. Um. I don't want it permanently stuck anywhere, least of all in front of my computer, not to mention it probably wouldn't last long on carpet. So if I want to use it, I'll have to look into getting one of those thingies that you roll your chair around on, and maybe tape it to that, so that I can frigging play already. I hope they're not expensive because just buying the pads was a bit of a luxury. I may have to wait 'til next paycheck to do it. (Oh horrors.) Whatever, I'll find some kind of large surface to put it on. That will also make it easier to dance on it.

The pads also make this annoying squishy sound like a baby's diaper. What's in there anyway?

Show me your moves! Stay cool! HAHAH!


You silly little DDR freako... *hug* I'm glad you got yourself a pad. :) [Freder]

Yay, DDR! Fun, fun, fun, fun! It's one of the best things you can reward yourself with. Other things to reward self with includes a new book, some funky hair stuffs or jewelry, art/crafts kit. I'm a dork. Oh and computer stuff! I'm a GEEK! I suck. [katqueen]

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