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How to catch a fly


Today I was on just using my votes up like I always do, and I noticed someone in the chatterbox saying he was being annoyed by a fly.

Weird, I was annoyed by a fly yesterday.

I didn't know what to do about it because flies are so damn fast and they refuse to land on anything long enough for you to capture them, and I don't have a flyswatter and even if I did I didn't really want fly guts on my wall or a fly's death on my hands (as stupid as that is). So, I just put up with it, grimly acknowledging that someday I'd probably find its tiny body somewhere in my house.

And then I got the macaroni.

The fly was suddenly very interested in landing near me and staying fairly still.

I ate my macaroni and left a small amount of cheese sauce on the plate, and wouldn't ya know it...the fly landed.

It was only another couple seconds before I had it trapped in a glass and out the door.

It tried its best to fly right the hell back in after I evicted it. But it didn't get in. Yay.

I think this was cool because you NEVER see this as a suggestion as to how to catch a fly. Flies annoy people so much and yet no one ever thought, hey, let's put out some hot stinky food, just a tiny bit of it, and get the fly out of here?

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.



lol... [capricorn*angel]

hey hotty you single huhuhuhhhh just stop by to say hey yo babby. [bale]

Interesting. Though, I have a flyswatter and do not mind a fly's death on my heads. Though, if I don't have one handy I'll try your "technique"...forever more named "Ivy's Technique of Fly Evicting". Awesome. [katqueen]

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