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WAHHWAHHHHHH!!! (translation: incomprehensible)



Tough coming back from another universe to write in this piece of shit.

Umm . . . well, new Bad Fairy story is coming along QUITE smoothly I have to say . . . I am VERY pleased with Chapter 12. But I am having to take a crowbar--or is it a shoehorn--to get my brain back into my regular body again, there's just something wrong here. . . .

Oh yeah. Want to share this newspaper headline with you:

All Y'all Urged To Go Fuck Yo' Selves

DETROIT--In a strongly worded statement to all y'all motherfuckers, Detroit resident Dwayne Combs urged all y'all to go fuck yo' selves Monday.

"Y'all be bullshit," said Combs in a 3:17 a.m. address from the corner of Woodward Avenue and Grand Boulevard. "And yo' mama, too."

Monday's pronouncement marked the normally reclusive Combs' first since an October 1998 appeal to Detroit's city council to kiss his big, black ass.

Representatives for all y'all have not yet responded to Combs' themselves-fucking offer.

Yeah. SO!

Hey, my story rules man. I'm titling the chapters. I'm not very good at it and as a general rule I don't know what to title it until after I write it to find out what the hell it's about. So I usually title them some non sequitur so that the space is properly held, before going back and changing it to something that makes sense. Earlier chapters' temporary titles have included "Something Incredibly Witty," "Something Even More Incredibly Witty," "Dar Williams Rules," "All Your Base Are Belong To Us," "I Am Boring and Stupid," and of course the most recent addition, "Some Stupid Cliché Goes Here." (The chapters now have intriguing names such as "The Nature of the Beast," "Let the Children Play," "The Four Quarters," "Inside the Circle," and "The Nutcracker.")

I sure wish my brain would shut up because it's 2:45 in the morning WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


I'm surprised you could understand that message oo; I've had to read it over a few times to figure it out! - Toraneko

I call first dibs on interviewing you when you become a PUBLISHED ASS WRITER. [katqueen]

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