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My manager Nicole was having fun bothering the district manager about his spelling in his e-mails. She alerted him that some words were misspelled, and he gave her a self-righteous reply saying that the spell-checker only highlighted those words that were actually spelled wrong, and besides that it didn't stop her from understanding what he meant. She sent back to him a list of the words that did not fall into that category, like "waht" or something. He replied with "point taken," and told her that his weak point was his "typiong." We all had a laugh at that.

Some bitch at my work is probably going to report me or something, because she asked me for my name and wrote it down. She was my customer at the register and she told me she wanted a $15 gift certificate, then changed her mind and wanted a $10 one. I told her we didn't have $10 ones but I could make one on a blank, and she was cool with that except we were out of blanks, so I offered to have someone get me some. She just told me to never mind.

So, I asked if she was saying she wanted to forego getting a gift certificate at all, or if she wanted to go with the $15 one. She clarified that she wanted to get nothing, and I said, "Okay, whatever you want" and finished up her sale. She started to look offended for some reason and said, "What did you say??" and I said, "I said . . . 'whatever you want,'" and she just kept looking pissed off. So I bagged up her crap and as she was about to leave she told me I needed to give her my name and she wrote it down. I wonder what she thought was so rude about "Whatever you want"?

I had to do a break in the café today. I've worked at the store for three years but somehow I've avoided (at all costs!) being trained in the café. Then my new manager Phillip insisted, so I had to, and got a crash course. Then I had to actually use the knowledge today. It sucked but I didn't die. It was funny though because I was looking through the recipe cards and I realized the one thing on the menu I had no idea how to make was a frappé, so I figured maybe I should call Nicole and ask in case someone ordered it, but then I figured, "Nah, what're the chances that someone will want that in the next half hour?" Guess what? Someone came up and ordered a vanilla frappé. Incidentally, that involves mixing frappé mix with ice and putting that bitch in a blender. Not so tough.

Mmm, I'm hungry. I think I want a vanilla frappé.

I discovered sugar-free Kool-Aid, by the way.

Heh, Jeaux was talking about how girls think you're staring at their chests when you're just trying to read their shirts. "I was reading your shirt!" he protested. "It said . . . something!" ::grin::

Something funny happened at work, too. This new girl found a book and she was like "What should I do with this??" and she was all disturbed because the cover was printed on the back of the book. She thought it was a damaged book with a printing error, apparently; I had to explain to her that it was just a book in Hebrew, which reads right to left. I warned her that the Japanese books would do that too. It was amusing because I didn't know there were people who didn't know that. Then again, I'm biased.

Bad Fairy is definitely drawing to a close now, I know in one more chapter the shit is going to hit the fan and we're going to have a sleeping princess just like in the legend. Oooh. I can't wait until my character gets to meet her, but first seven more years have to go by. At least she stopped having sex with that other guy.

I have to go through the whole thing and read it over so that I can make sure I take note of anything I want to wrap up in the last "book" and the epilogue. I don't want to leave stuff unresolved.

Think I'll eat some more mushrooms.


I hate how some people find a way to take offense for no reason at all.

I think some enterprising young chick with big breasts could make a fortune renting out her rack as advertising space or for displaying corporate logos.


You are pal, Ian

There's an idea, Phred. :) Misspellings are a huge deal at work for me, too. I try not to be rude about it, but it drives me up the wall when some offical bulletin comes out and it looks like an eighth grader wrote it.

I agree with Meggie up there! Official bulletins with misspellings suck.

But wait a second...I'm in eight grade! I don't spell like an eight grader. Heh.

This one boy - I thought he was gay up until this point - was staring at my chest (it was some trendy shirt that my friend gave me for my bday, because she knows I'm "Brands are for Cattle" people...). He used that exact same excuse... [katqueen]

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