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Voice-Overs and Weird Books


Today was an odd day. It had a small bit to do with my having to work from six in the morning until two in the afternoon, but I like it that way. It's just a bit surreal, with it being dark outside for the first hour of my shift, and having been there for three hours already when the doors open.

I went around fixing a mistake I had made. See, we had these signs for the new endcap displays, and last week I put discount stickers on the ones I thought needed them. But unfortunately, I was probably smoking something at the time, because I didn't realize 'til afterward that it was unlikely all those items have discounts. BAM is famous for only discounting one or two things on a display that says "Up to 20% off!" Turns out that was the case, and I had to go through and correctly sticker the ones that called for it and peel off the stickers on the ones that didn't.

We listened to Poe and then Tori Amos in the morning (no one else had brought music), and then Damien made us listen to Lex and Terry's talk radio show. They were doing this really weird thing where they called a phone sex line and tried to have phone sex with the lady who answered--using only sound clips from the video releases of the Olsen twins. Ohkay.

Later the store opened, and while I was on my lunch break one of our caf employees, Andy, called and asked which girls were working and if any of us could do a British accent. Apparently he was desperate for someone to do voice-overs on this cgi-type thing he was making for a class requirement, so I volunteered and he said he'd bring his laptop and a mic in so he could record me. Hehe. I began reading Fight Club on my break today.

Then the plumber came to fix the out of order toilet in our women's room, and I had to stand guard while he checked out the potty to see what was wrong with it. As soon as I was done with that, Andy arrived and I had to go record British things on his computer. I had to say "Oh my God!" and "What is that thing!" and "Yes sir Captain sir!" and a bunch of other cheesy things. He was so delighted with my voice acting abilities that he told me he was putting me in the credits and he bought me a hot chocolate besides.

The Carnivorous Carnival, the ninth book in A Series of Unfortunate Events, came in our shipment this week. It's not released until next week sometime, but my bookstore-working ass can check books out, and that I did. I read it this afternoon between bouts of Spaghetti-O's and DDR. It was hilarious. I have to add an entry for it to my Lemony Snicket book page. Wheee.

That's about it!


Interesting....*scratches chin* "..Und wenn, wenn sie meinen Hefter nehmen, ich Wille, ich dieses Gebude auf Feuer einstelle.." [Gd]

I like your southern accent too. You'll have to read me something in it again... this time not from a psychology book. [Freder]

Nice to hear YOUR day is so interesting. I'm jealous now, school has such a monotone schedule. How supposed to concentrate in such gloom anyways? Oooh, I love that series (I might of already said that..0_o). Today is Christmas Day and I have a spare hour to do some online stuff; but I did get #9 & #10 as well as the Lemony Snicket Autobiography thing. Out of characters. [katqueen]

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