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Vomit time


Hah, well I kinda feel like throwing up.

Not literally . . . writing a very intense chapter will do that to you, though. More about that later.

Today was kind of bummy. I spent all day writing--got two chapters down--but I felt like even with my doors locked and my fingers in my ears I couldn't get a second to think straight. First some guy knocked on my door trying to sell me magazines, and when I told him I didn't like the ones on his list, I asked if there were others and he said there were but whined that they didn't give him as many points. (There were none on there either, so I made him go away. But I gave him a glass of water because he was thirsty.) Whatever.

Grr. I finished a chapter and took a break from what feels like flushing my head in the toilet--ever given yourself a swirly, when you've got three-foot hair to boot?--and I decided to answer my e-mail. One of my e-mails was this REALLY long and detailed philosophical one from this guy I e-mail with maybe once a month at the most. It takes him that long to answer, but that's good because I don't think I could do that much pondering and philosophizing if he answered as fast as I do.

I heated myself up an enchilada and I was gonna clean my sink, but I didn't want to do that if I couldn't get a hold of any of the like three people who have been waiting for me to call them, and they weren't home dammit. So I didn't call them, and then I sat down to write the second chapter of the day.

Didn't take long; this is where the "action" really speeds up. And guess what, guys . . . Book 4, "Hiding," is over. Now it's just a short book and an epilogue to go, and Bad Fairy will have its first draft complete. Then certain people can stop bugging me to finish it, and start crawling all over my ass to write the other three I'm working on.

By the way, if you're curious: 509 pages.

Thing is, while I was writing it, the phone rang I shit you not about eight times. One of them, before I got too into the story, was trying to get a hold of Wendy Decker. I told her I didn't know a Wendy and she wanted to know if anyone there is interested in hearing about student loans. No.

I wouldn't pick up the phone after that, and a few people left me messages I found out later, but it kept ringing and ringing and ringing and I didn't want to talk; I know it's not their fault but goddamn, I'm trying to do something here, and I have a horrible feeling it was the same person calling over and over and not leaving a message.

Finally I went online just to avoid having to hear the ring. I finished the chapter, and now I want to eat but I'm not hungry. (I ate a HUGE salad earlier.)

Okay, gotta go read it over. That's what I do when I finish a chapter. :)


That's the problem with DSL... you can't get online to block unwanted callers...

Thank the lord (or whoever) for caller ID! [katqueen]

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