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Hey sexy!


Yeah, so today crossing the street to catch the bus some dork leaned out the window and hollered something unintelligible at me, but (forgive me for judging by looks) he seemed like the type of jerk who would yell sexual comments at girls from convertible windows, so I assume he said something fresh.  I just kind of stopped where I was and kind of looked at him, like "excuse me?" And I was like, oh, you're hot shit now aren't you--you didn't anticipate that traffic would prevent you from driving off and not having to look the girl you yelled at in the eyes.  I just kept looking at him and then he brightened and said, "Seeeeexy!"  I just shook my head and rolled my eyes, and kept walking.  I hope people like that realize they're being dickfaces, not pimp daddies.

I'm vindicated AGAIN!  My co-worker Cliff had listened to me bitching about Eragon plenty of times, and he kept telling me he would probably read it anyway, to which I replied that it was his funeral.  Honestly, I'm fine with it if people really want to put themselves through such things--it's their choice, and again they might even disagree with me and like it.  But anyway, he came to me the other day at work and said, "I have to tell you something--I started reading Eragon.  YOU WERE RIGHT."

He went on to say that he was going to be honest with me, and said that with everything I said about it he had just been thinking, "Oh, she's just jealous--it's probably good, she just is bitter that she isn't published yet and then some nineteen-year-old gets discovered."  But he told me he got only 80 nearly unbearable pages into the book and decided he just could not read it anymore.  He said, "It wasn't interesting, it was just . . . it was bad."  HAHA.  Well, that'll show you people! Listen to me! I know my literature!  Anyway, we both like Harry Potter, and I made him read Artemis Fowl and His Dark Materials, and he told me that now that I've agreed with him on all the good shit and seem to have pegged the bad shit for what it is, he wants to know what else I can recommend.  Hehe.  I told him to read the other Eoin Colfer book (The Wish List), and now I wonder if I can't suck him into the Animorphs universe or if he would be too balky at such a thing as a series that often gets compared with Goosebumps just because they were both popular with the same kids around the same time. . . . (In case you're wondering, ONE SUCKS and ONE DOESN'T.)  Maybe I'll get him into Octavia E. Butler, Diane Duane, Katherine Dunn . . . maybe even Joan D. Vinge, and possibly Neil Gaiman's non-comics stuff if he doesn't want to run screaming.

I had to do voiding at work and all of my Bear in the Big Blue House stuff (except for non-book merchandise) is gone!  That makes me sad.  Partly because there is a book in that series called Bear Loves Food! and it always reminded me of Fred.  (I'd face it out so I could walk by it and grin.  Actually I bought it for him once.  Because I tell you what, that bear loves his food.)

It's been decided: I'm going to Las Vegas this summer.  HAHA!  All-you-can-eat buffets and cool stage shows and swimming, here I come!


I wanna come with you!!!!!! :) - Ronni

Las Vegas? You legal bitch. I went to Las Vegas and wasn't allowed near the casinos. *cries* [katqueen]

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