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Cut the mullet


Good lord, I've discovered Wesley Willis. Too weird for words.

Just finished another chapter of Bad Fairy. Chapter 29, in fact. 428 pages, we now have. It's moving along. I'm hoping I can keep it under 500 pages but it looks like I might break that. I am also hoping I will finish it by the end of the month. We'll see.

I called my mommy again today and we talked. Her doctor sucks the big one. I think I will piss in his gas tank.

Yesterday Brendon was here. We had Chinese food. I'm sure you're all surprised that we had Chinese food, because all of you people who know us would never suspect us of such behavior.

Our fortune cookies were funny. "You are the center of every group's attention." If you play that game and add "in bed" to the end of it, it becomes hilarious.

Speaking of "in bed," my character's been doing weird things (as you might have noticed by my periodic cringing over the love scenes in earlier entries). Sometimes she is pretty dirty with her phrasing. In this next chapter she's kind of doing some unofficial kind of teaching, and comparing her passion for that with her passion for . . . well, rolling around in bed with some cute guy. She's a lot more of an intellectual type girl and seems to enjoy teaching more than screwing, as evidenced by this little quote:

Passion was passion, and given my choice, I opted to spread knowledge in favor of spreading my legs.

Ewww, Delia's a big perv. :)

Oh well, at least it's not porn.


my friend steve had a mullet

I LOVE THE FORTUNE COOKIE GAME!!! That game rules! Hey if you like good music, you should check out this band called Switchfoot. They got me on several levels with their song "Dare you to move". ~Lupe~

ewewewewewewewewewewew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thought I'd add that.

Your character that likes to teach but not do...sounds like she's based on maybe.......a fambly member. Ya think?

gold fish crackers are good. yum !


Katie - a friend of mine - told me her great aunt is 80 years old and has decided to become a lesbian. So when her aunt started to rub her arm she ran away pretty damn quick. [katqueen]

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