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This is not pudding.



In the movie The Grinch, he is required to taste all these puddings and stuff, and people just keep going by in like a line, shoving pudding into his mouth. One guy leans close and shoves glop into the Grinch's mouth, and accompanies the action with the statement, "This is NOT pudding." He does not have time to find out what it actually is before the next person shoves more pudding into his mouth.

Nothing more was ever said about this.

That is too fucking funny.

Anyway, as I mentioned before the book that I am writing is divided into five books. I've finished the third! (It's called "Searching.") That way even though I'm not done with the book itself, I have a nice stopping point, which is cool because Fred is going to be visiting me for about ten days. Actually he is due to arrive in something like ten seconds. But hey. Pays not to be all distracted by my own stupid creativity.

After Phred leaves I have like part of a weekend to myself and then the next three weeks I have people staying at my house to visit me. This is a good thing. But I wonder when I'm ever going to finish this book. (And of course some people are acting all surprised sometimes when I tell them I have no free time to hang out until, ya know, the end of AUGUST.)


So, I'm gonna list here, for your pleasure, the titles of my chapters, so you can be all impressed with my intriguing, unfinished work of art. (Bwahaha!)

Book 1, "Beginning," consists of the chapters "A Child is Born," "Let the Children Play," and "The Nature of the Beast."

Book 2, "Learning," is composed of the chapters "Sink or Swim," "The Nutcracker," "More Than Meets the Eye," "Mirror, Mirror," "Double-Jointed," "The Four Quarters," "Inside the Circle," "Rite of Passage," "Learning to Fly," and "Facing the Music." (That's the long one.)

And Book 3, "Searching," is made up of "Working Girl," "Revealing the Dark," "Mother Knows Best," "Beneath the Veil," "Death Came Near," "Life After Death" (are you sensing a theme here?), "Princess in Waiting," and "Uninvited Guest." Wheee!

Doesn't this make you want to read it?

Or does it kind of make you feel like making a doody?

I know which one I'm gonna do.

(You guess.)


oowwww, I'm impressed...good luck finishing your book... love a random note leaver who goes by the name of whitney

The chapter titles are interesting, but the book names are gonna have to be a little bit more creative if you want them to sell...if that's your aim.

I disagree with the above note. I like the "-ing" titles for the books; they could link the manuscript together by gently pointing out plot/character development without being intrusive or hitting the reader over the head with it. And anyway, it's the quality of the writing that sells the book, not merely the titles of its sections. Keep writing like crazy, Ivy!! :)

Noting on my own journal, heh: Umm, those aren't book titles, they're individual books inside one large book, for anyone who couldn't figure that out.

I disagree with Serobe too. I prefer Ivy's "subtle" titles to titles like "The Dance of the Drunken Faeries" or something. Not that there are any drunks in her book.... I think. Knowing Ivy, anything is possible.

*I* like your titles, and my opinion is LAW. Muwahahaha. [katqueen]

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