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Covered in glitter


I've been exhausted this past week trying to prepare for Halloween and the little party I was throwing. (And when I say little, I mean's unlikely I could fit more than four or five people in my apartment at a time anyway, so it's good that only a few of my friends were available.)

I did a lot of baking. In the last week I made a pumpkin pie, some pumpkin muffins, a special cake called "Green Man Cake" that actually was green, and even some special hot chocolate type stuff that is traditional in Mexico for Dia de los Muertos. The cake was for the folks at work (though I spared a slice to taste and share with Jeaux, who helped me make it), and I brought them a pie too. The other pie was supposed to be for my party, but by the time we had ordered two pizzas and scarfed down candy, I don't think anyone was thinking of pie.

Anyway, Halloween was cool. Jeaux was here on Wednesday and slept over so we could hang out until people started arriving on Thursday for the party. Jeaux had gotten a cow costume whose udders could squirt. About four or so Brendon showed up. He had a Spider-Man costume, but he hadn't tried it on to make sure it fit, so he had brought a backup costume: A Jedi robe and a lightsaber. Since his costume did end up fitting, he lent the robe to Jeaux and he became a Jedi Cow. HA. The last to arrive was Mike, and he dressed as the Swedish chef. I of course dressed like a fairy. I had given little thought to my costume so I just put on whatever, and after rejecting one dress because it made me look pregnant, I put on a different one and a sparkly see-through skirt over it, and wings, and I put flowers in my hair and got glitter all over the place (most notably Brendon's car). We drove to the duck pond area and...began trick-or-treating.

This year we encountered some never-before-seen ageism. Yes, we are all in our mid to late twenties, but though I saw no reason why we shouldn't trick-or-treat, a few people decided to get up in our bid'ness about it. One house had a sign that said their candy was for kids 15 or younger, so we didn't even go to that one. One lady was insistent that no one would get candy without being in costume, which is totally understandable (there are lots of kids just wandering around with backpacks on frontways, walking around demanding candy while in their street clothes), and though she gave us candy she said very loudly, "If you can DRIVE you SHOULDN'T BE TRICK-OR-TREATING." Well, I can't drive, do I count? And some obnoxious girl yelled at us as she passed, "You're ADULTS, you shouldn't be trick-or-treating!" God, believe me we're not doing it for the candy. The candy is secondary, it's the experience that's important.

I'd feel kind of empty if I didn't do it. It's one of the many things I've done since I was so young I can't remember it. I can't imagine staying home on Halloween, not trick-or-treating. It's so great, you dress up funky and run around in the dark knocking on doors, and people give you candy. Yay. I hate it when people say you "shouldn't" just because you're an adult. Well guess what? History has progressed because people did things they shouldn't. And to give you a more petulant answer, I can do what I want, so nyahhh.

We had a few mishaps. The Swedish Chef mustache I made for Mike ended up sending half its hairs up his nose. Jeaux had an accident with Brendon's cape, and even though he paid him for it he still acted as if he'd done something as atrocious as pushing his grandmother down the stairs. And my Chocolate de Mexicanos bubbled over on the stove and created a nice brown puddle all over my stove.

As is the custom, we traded candy when we got home. Turns out no one likes Mounds, but everyone wanted to keep their special Halloween lolly. Some sick freaks don't like Tootsie Rolls! AHH! We all have quite a bit more candy than we know what to do with.

All of my friends left remnants behind when they left: Mike left part of his costume, Brendon left his Chinese ribs, and Jeaux left a piece of sausage pizza and a piece of paper with an e-mail address on it. Nice reminders, except that I'll have to throw out the meat food. :)


i like ur diary..the little pictures at the bottom are very cool..i got lots of em just not on my diary later [frolickingpunk]

Thanks for your note. Your diary and webpage are intriguing. You seem to have many different interests, and I like that in people. I may just have to stop by here again :) [BellaSoliel]

Mmmmmmmm, Mounds! I'll take them! I'll trade our Snickers. :) [Meggie]

I agree. I will trick-o-treat until I'm dead rotting in the ground; then I'll come back and haunt my 6th grade teacher. Hopefully I'll get reincarnated and do it all over again. I have two pairs of fairy wings. I used them every year until I couldn't think of a costume I hadn't already used them for (tooth fairy, fairy queen, fairy princess, angel fairy, good witch). Drat. [katqueen]

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