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Day of Nap


Yesterday was a full moon, so I tried a new idea to celebrate: Moonbathing.

I went outside and took with me a platter, a silver candle, some vanilla incense, a lighter, some soy milk in a glass, some crescent cakes baked for the occasion, and a book and book light. I went out to my apartment complex's pool and toweled off a wet chair, and sat down and set my crap up. And then I just lit the candle and incense, and read the book under the full moon. It was really pretty and the moon shone through the trees and clouds.

I was reading Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler, which incidentally is one of the three or four most recommended books for beginning Pagans, but for some reason though I bought it more than three years ago I never read it all, so I read part of the chapter on the Wiccan Revival. It was interesting, and I read and read until my incense burned out. (It was a while.)

Along the way I ate my cakes and drank my milk, and later I poured a bit of milk on the ground and scattered some cookie crumbs as an offering. Also at one point I reached a stopping point in the book and started singing random chants sort of under my breath, like "We All Come from the Goddess," and the "Triple Goddess Chant." It was nice.

The only thing was, I didn't want to do anything particularly dramatic or get too wrapped up in anything emotionally engaging because I was out in a public area and people kept walking by to go to the laundry room to get Cokes. :P I need a backyard temple. I need a backyard.

Anyway, today was actually very good! I went to work and my favorite manager Chris was there (and he will be there tomorrow too!), and as a result I got to work on the things I wanted to work on without my beasty manager Linda horning in on my priorities. So I worked on the displays for my area, and the buy 2 get 1 free table full of books from my section. (I needed to take them out because my section was crowded with them and they didn't even belong there!!) I left work happy, even though it was raining.

I had plans to hang out with Neil from work today, but he hadn't left a message on my machine, so I called him and got a busy signal. I went online to take care of my normal business but when I got off I called again and it was still busy. I figured, ohhhkay. We were supposed to get ice cream.

So then I took a short nap. I awoke somewhere in there thinking it was morning, and panicking looking at the clock (for some reason--who knows, 'cause it was 8 PM and if it had been 8 AM that wouldn't have been a problem, I'm due at work at 9 tomorrow).

Then later Phil called. Phil is my ex-boyfriend, good friend, and brother of Anthony, who is my best friend Meghan's ex-boyfriend, whose child is named Katelyn Julie after MOI. Sound like a soap opera yet? Not even close. Phil is also MEG'S ex-boyfriend. It gets even more messed up, but this is not a history lesson on my social past. Ahem.

Phil and I chatted for only a short time because the phone kept making this really annoying sound. Phil told me how it couldn't be his fault (even though he was on a cell) because every other call he'd made was clear. Whatever. So we got off, and I kind of lounged around. Neil still hadn't called and it was inching toward 8:30, so I assumed that if he really wanted to hang out with me, he would have called by now, so fuck 'im.

Didn't really want ice cream anyway.

And if I did I got some in my fridge.

Yesterday he did say something about how he "wasn't sure" what his "evening plans" were going to be for today, which reflects his usual wishy-washy-ness on making plans. If you say you're going to do something, I think you should do it, not just "see what comes up," because my time's pretty friggin' precious and you can't make plans with me and then just decide to follow up on them if you feel like it.

I'm not pissed I couldn't see him or get ice cream, but I am a little annoyed that he did that.

Can you tell?


I want to go moonbathing. Does that make you less tan? 'Cuz I'm already pretty white. [Pin'k]

*nods* That's pretty annoying...I wouldn't be a little annoyed, I'd probably go into big-shot, "I'm getting in your face so HA!!" mode ^__^ I'm not a very patient person. Anyhow, nice to here about your day. I'm off to see the next one! I'm pretty good at this stalking thing huh :D [katqueen]

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