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Star of David


So yesterday I was the cashier at the bookstore (a job I do but once a week if I'm lucky), and some guy and his wife came up to buy stuff. They were very nice and I sold them a discount card, and then the man asked me if that necklace I was wearing was a Star of David.

I said, "No, that star has six points, this one has five."

So he said, "Oh, so it's a pentagram." I didn't correct him that it was actually a pentacle since it was in a circle, and just said yes. He was just like oh, okay and he and his wife left.

Soon enough the couple was back, having found some international Christmas music the guy wanted to buy for some state government thingie he works for. He asked if I would let him use his tax exempt form on it since it was for state government, and I let him. Then he said. . . .

"So, you don't sacrifice cats to Satan or anything, do you?"

I had no idea what he was talking about and told him so, and after assuring him that I did not sacrifice cats to anybody, much less Satan, I asked him what that was all about. He said, "Well, you know . . . the pentagram."

I explained to him that the pentagram's points just stand for air, earth, fire, and water, plus the top point standing for spirit. He was suitably impressed and we continued with the transaction, and then he gave me a compliment:

"They did a good thing putting you up here to interact with people. You're so friendly, it's very good for customer relations."

I just thanked him and watched them leave, then bent down behind the counter and laughed until my face felt hot. Yes! The pentacle is the international symbol for "cat sacrificer"!

When I told my Pagan manager Pat about this, she said her stock answer to that question is, "Satan who?" Kind of drives home the point that we don't even think he exists, much less worship him or sacrifice any CATS in his honor.

Other work news: My cool manager Scott's replacement is going to be Diana, unless they won't give her enough money. (She decided to take the job when she was getting desperate for money, but then a bunch of money came through since her mom sold a house and she can take or shove the job if they won't pay her what it's worth.)

Today something hilarious happened. Neil punched out for his break around 9:30, left the store, and didn't come back. After no one had seen him for about 2 hours, we began to investigate. He had not punched back in and no one knew where he was. Given that Neil has a reputation for falling asleep during his breaks, necessitating a wake-up call from the kind-hearted Stacy, we figured maybe he went somewhere and fell asleep wherever he had lunch. Stacy wanted to go see if he'd dozed off in his car, but Pat said, "It ain't my job to wake that little bastard up." So we let it go until Damien got there.

When it became known that Neil had been missing for the better part of four hours, Damien and Michael went out to check his car. He was not inside, but the seat was reclined as if he'd been sleeping there recently. Well, they came back empty-handed, but Neil wandered in about a half hour later. Someone mentioned that they'd seen him changing his clothes, and when he came back he claimed he'd been sleeping in his car this whole time. We know he's lying but we don't know why or what he was really doing.

Neil picked me up for work this morning, and was (as always) a tad late. He apologized for the lateness, saying this as his excuse: "I had to go drop off a video at Blockbuster. I won't have time to do it later, because after I get off work today I have to run some errands and then I'm going out." I asked him where he was going, and he said, "To get fucked." Yeah. Don't try too hard, Neil. You're already fucked. I wonder if they'll fire him? Especially since he's always falling asleep at work and then waking up with the imprint of a zipper on his forehead or something, whatever weird object he's managed to doze off upon. Poor Neil...parties so hard all night that he can't even stay awake at his job. What a swinger!

I mentioned that my boss Stephen has an obsession with Superman and a hatred for Batman, right? Well, we've been tormenting him with references to Batman's superiority, and Michael came up with a great one yesterday. He put up a sticker of Batman and had notes by it saying "The Dark Knight OWNZ Superdork!" and had "1337" and "w00t" by it. Heheheh. Hooray for hAx0rZ.

Kyllie was funny today too. She said she hates doing the register, and wants to be given something to do instead of "standing there like a knob." Heheh. I like the way she says things. (She told us the story of screwing up counting her register drawer last night, citing her creative use of the word "bollocks.") Also, she's decided she's going to mate with Orlando Bloom, the actor who plays Legolas the elf on the Lord of the Rings movies. He IS cute, but I happen to like him better in his elf costume. Not that I would do him. Anyway, Kyllie was enthusiastically reporting that the article on him said he liked strong-minded girls with dark hair and foreign accents. She was like, "I'm perfect!" Hehe. (Or maybe the article said those were the specifications for Elijah Wood. I can't remember. Either way, she'd do them.) Strangely enough, Kyllie is wearing a pin on her apron that says "Proud to be an American Girl!" Heh. I asked if she could do an American accent and she said she can't. Weird.

So, I got a new DDR pad (the one Jeaux bought as a test to see if it was our adapters or our pads that sucked, when we were testing out our DDR system--and then they wouldn't let him return it 'cause they're stupid). He just let me have it. Yaaaaay.

Oh yeah. And Google is eating E2. The search engine Google (my favorite!) is now indexing's database, which means when you search for something in the Google engine, it skims E2 as well. The bottom line? HUGE GIANT OBSCENE LAG. Ack! We WILL kill Google. Or at least disengage its spidery arms from E2's neck. Yeah.

Time to go read over the new chapter (AAAHHH! AAAHHH!) I wrote last night.


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