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Meddie? Meddie?


Weirdness has been occurring regularly, but of course I have not been vocal about it.

Today was stupid at work. I felt kind of disoriented all day, because for an unexplained reason last night I got exceedingly tired and fell asleep with all my clothes on, without brushing my teeth, writing in my journal, or packing my lunch. Inexplicably, I woke up just when my alarm would have gone off for the first time, if I'd set it. Anyway, I went to work all foggy, and did my crappy voiding project.

You all remember Neil?! Heh, he was in the store today (with a goofy do-rag on his head), asking me how I'd been. I told him I was about the same and he kept asking me again how I'd been, you know in that way of small talk where you can't think of anything else to say.

Since he is historically obsessed with sex and I have discussed with him both my writing and my lack of interest in sex, I told him, "This should interest you!" and told him I'd written my first sex scene. (There were a few "love scenes" earlier in the book but this time they just did it and I couldn't stop them.) So, he found this interesting, and said, "So has anything changed in YOUR life?" Hint hint, nudge nudge. In other words, I wouldn't be writing about sex if I didn't all of a sudden want it now. The answer, of course, was no.

Then he giggled over my writing a sex scene and asked me, "Well, were they at least humans?" knowing of course that my writing is wacky and science fiction/fantasy-ish. I told him that no, in fact they weren't, and he said, "Knowing you, that figures," and asked if it was at least heterosexual sex. Heh. I said yeah. Boy-girl fairy sex. Ever wonder how fairies have sex? Ask me!

We talked a little more and I warned him that Pat was here, the manager for whom he has a fair amount of distaste (which is mutual). He said, "She is?? Where?" I said, "She's eating," and he replied, "What, little children?" Hehehe. (Later I told Pat about it and she said, "What a jerk." Hehe.)

Sometime in the afternoon I bent over to get some books and got a monster weird pain in my head, like a head rush. When I stood up I had a headache, and it stayed with me the rest of the day. I mentioned to another girl that if I fainted, please scrape me off the floor.

I finished up my day. It freaking rained just as I got off the bus; no problem since I had my umbrella, but still, the bottoms of my stupid pants got all wet and I was pissed. It started *while* I was on the bus. Urgh!

I came home, checked my messages, and panicked a little. Apparently my mom went to the hospital and has been having some procedures done; I'm not entirely clear on what, but she's had a scare with high blood pressure or something. I called my sister back immediately and talked to her, and she gave me the number for my mom's room. I called her and she sounded sort of groggy but totally in possession of her usual dry humor. She's fine, and we're hoping this random blood pressure incident is a result of one of her medications.

It just makes me scared when I come home from work and there's a message that my mom's in the hospital. No one likes to hear that.

I visited my dad last week. It was cool. We also went to visit my grandparents, and we saw the movie Chicago. It was my second time. It was my grandpa's second also, and my grandmother's third. We went because my dad hadn't seen it, and my grandma and I wanted any excuse to go again. God, what a great musical. My grandma sang on Broadway once upon a time. She was a professional singer and actress.

Oh, and at the convenience store, some weird guy who didn't speak my language tried to hit on me. When I was buying my drink, he said in a sort of garbled fashion: "Meddie?" I said, "What?" and he said, "Meddie? Meddie?" I said what again, and he came up with, "Are you meddied?" Now it sounded like he asked if I was married, so I said no. Then he said, "Do you have . . . boyfriend?" "No," I answered, and then he asked for my number. "Can have . . . numbah?" Dude, what would we talk about? You can't form a sentence in my language, and I don't even know which one you speak. Not to mention you hit on me at a goddamn gas station. Whatever.

Enough for now.


Mommies are important.

That guy at the gas stations sounded very similar to this guy who yelled to me in Toronto store - "Vergan? Had ses yet?" THEIR kind must stalk short people like us. [katqueen]

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