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The long walk


Yeah, I'm a loser, or something.

See, now I'm back from vacation, and today was my first day back at work.  Phil drove me there and dropped me off, and the day went by really fast and really easily.  See, I had expected a frigging disaster area to have erupted while I was gone; it really only looked like maybe a really bad Saturday; things really were pretty good.  Apparently Colleen and Pat took good care of the section while I was gone, though I did find one book that was labeled by an employee and then put in a different section than they'd just labeled it.  Geniuses, I tell you.  Or is that genii?  The world may never know.

In any case, I'm back from vacation, and everything is weird at work.  We have hired our seasonal help and they started training last week; consequently, I now have TWELVE new co-workers.  What the hell.  I don't know any of them! Today I met a girl named Verlissa and a girl named Jenine.  I very briefly met a guy named Josh but he was closing so he had just gotten there when I was leaving.  And our manager Nicole is leaving to become a cop.  Interesting.

My manager Phil told me that they paid me for an extra day of vacation time.  He said they did so intentionally, because I "deserve it."  My opinion is that either it was a mistake or it was just a pain in the ass the way I requested to have my vacation time distributed over two pay periods with only a single day on the last one and the rest of it on this one; it was probably just easier to put my week vacation pay on one stub and then pay me for last Saturday or whatever.  I'm not positive I believe they're just going to give me money I didn't work for (more inclined to believe that they fucked up, noticed the mistake, and thought it easier to leave it alone than try to deduct money from me later and risk me noticing).  However, my manager Phil is also quite a fan of mine apparently; he thinks I need a raise and always thinks I do great work, and is always praising me, and he definitely hit the nail on the head when he said they gave me the extra vacation pay because the company should do something for you once in a while especially when you get paid so little.  So, as he would say, "I'm a believer."  Sort of.  But yay, free money.  I need it.

I'm not gonna write about my Japan trip in this journal, because I plan to make an online scrapbook of the experience.  It will be mostly photos and explanations, but there will be some visual aids and cool stuff, and a lot more text than my usual photo pages.  Look for it sometime soon, though it's not going up 'til my sister sends me the last of the pictures since that would be pointless.

Anyway, back to me being a loser.  Umm, so I was at work, and I left, and realized OH FUCK IT'S SUNDAY.  No buses, and I'd gotten a ride to work.  So.  I went over to the mall and shopped for a short time, went potty, got some change for the bus tomorrow, and then . . . started walking.  I walked home. It took about an hour.  I've done that one other time so I knew it wasn't so bad, but this time it seemed really easy for some reason.  I was going really fast too, sort of at an exercise walk pace even though I was carrying bags from work.  At one point two Mexican guys in a truck pulled over and asked if I wanted to get in, but other than that and some random man whistling at me, the walk was uneventful, and I got home all right.

Oh, and at the mall I saw this guy doing a game outside the bathroom, and it only cost a quarter so I played it next--you get on this scale and it weighs you, then it asks for your height, and then it tells you your BMI (I'm not sure exactly what that is), and then it gives you a fortune and your lucky lottery numbers.  I have no idea what the fatness of my ass has to do with the lottery or my future, but somehow THIS MACHINE KNOWS.  It said, "All your dreams will come true."  I hope that doesn't include the one where I was playing basketball with a severed head, even though I seemed to enjoy it in the dream.

The end.


hey..random hello from a random person! [not your girl]

playing basketball with a severed head... Julie, your mind is as a treasure trove of wondrous wonders. Glad you got back safe, hope you had a great time! Though if you didn't, I guess there's not much to be done about it now. Well heck!

You are pal,


Heya... Welcome back... Your diary and your web page seem to put me in a good mood a lot of times. [Freder]

Was that the machine that you tried when I was there, or was this a new machine. But you were under the expected weight for your height and frame size. I'm glad you got home alright from walking, I would've felt horrible if you didn't. [xcali]

thank you for the candy [bale]

Yaaaaay, severed head! Hope it was one of my idiots. :) [Meggie]

Ivy is ALIVE!!! [katqueen]

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