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Well, tomorrow will mark seven days of Fred's visit. We've been very active and are having lots of fun! Tomorrow we will be making an exodus to Tampa, to see my mother, see my friends, sing karaoke, and probably hit Merlin's. I'm excited. I've missed my mom and I've heard I might even get to see Heather when we go karaoke-ing. Also we are going canoeing. I hope there will be good weather.

Fred and I ate at Sonny's tonight. We have this hilarious running gag that Fred actually comes to Gainesville just to eat at Sonny's, rather than to see me; it's a fantastic all-you-can-eat restaurant that they don't have where he lives. We usually order our stuff (he orders whatever all-you-can-eat meat stuff there is, and I order the salad bar and then eat all his fries, since he can get all-you-can-eat portions of those too), and then after the meal we write on the comment sheet. This time he wrote, "I'm such a freaking loser. This is the fourth year in a row I've come here to Gainesville JUST to eat at Sonny's." And as is my usual, I drew a picture, this time of Fred attempting to eat a live cow, with the caption "They were out of ribs, so Fred went right to the source."

Do ribs come from cows? Or just pigs?

Know what? My drawing was bad enough that it could have been a pig.

My friend Jeremy sent me a video of a cow trying to mount another cow and falling off and flipping over. That's got to blow. You're trying to get some and you end up rolling on the ground. Sucks to be you, man.

My boss's kids are driving me nuts. Apparently my boss and his wife have never heard of daycare, because if the kids have to be watched, either he or his wife takes them to work. If they are at HIS work, they inevitably run around my section being little hellions. Diana, my manager, said the first time they were here, they left shit everywhere and just dropped their McDonald's trash in the aisles. She got them back by claiming the Happy Meal toy and holding it for ransom until they helped her clean up their mess. HAW HAW.

So far the boss's son has yelled at me once--apparently his sister was too close to him, so he asked me to get his father. I gave his dad the message, but since he was, ya know, trying to run a STORE, he didn't come right over, so when I saw the kid again he jumped right on me and yelled "I TOLD you to go get my dad, why didn't you GET him??" I told the little brat that I'd already talked to his dad, that he would come when he was ready, and NOT to yell at me. He said, "Well where is he?" and I said "I don't know, don't ask me that." The daughter is less annoying, though she did follow me around for part of the day talking about Pokémon and attempting to make me give her money in exchange for watching her do tricks. When I was not game she started walking around asking all the customers to pay 25˘ to see her balance stuff on her foot and do a coin trick. Sometimes they gave her money to make her shut up, then just walked away without seeing the trick. She pondered that aloud to me: "Sometimes they do that. I think they do it because I am funny and cute." ::snicker:: She was still at it when I left.

Some dude tried to walk in our store with no shirt leading a dog on a leash today. My manager kicked him out and he was all indignant about it. "Oh I guess you don't want my MONEY then." Dude, I cannot think of many places where you're allowed to just walk into retail stores with your damn dog! I mean does that sound screwed up to anyone else? This guy actually challenged my manager over it too. Not like it was a service animal or anything. Jeez.

I can't think of anything else to tell you people. Go away.


I have a bit of bad news, I'm almost positive Merlin's is no longer there. It is a huge bummer. But they have some really kewl stuff at the flea market, up by where kareoke is.

FYI: Your OFA pic isn't showing up...

I used to be able to use "child priveleges" and stuff even though I am 13/14... but they take one look at my chest, and well, it's history. Damn boobies sprouted overnight.

The little bratz are evil. I'm so sorry you had to deal with them. It was probably something you did in your past life. [katqueen]

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