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I guess some people might think I'm being haughty or something here, but I really, really hate it when men whistle at me.

Most of the people who read this diary probably know what I look like. If you don't, I'll tell you: Nothing particularly special; I'm a reasonably good-looking girl who may get more than her fair share of second glances owing to a combination of slightly off-kilter clothes and unusually long hair. Average weight, undertall, pale-skinned and blonde. Just some girl.

I also don't wear particularly revealing clothes, or tight jeans, or anything designed to put my cleavage on display. I'm not a model on the runway or a prostitute on the corner or a babe going to the meat market club scene in a tiny dress and heels. (Harassment wouldn't be excusable here even if I was, but it would at least make more sense if I was actually dressed revealingly.)

So it really bothers me that today I was riding my bike home and some guy hung out the window and shouted, "HAAAAYYY, Bay-BEEEE!"

And yesterday I was riding my bike home and some dude wolf-whistled, sticking his head out the passenger side as he passed to give me a shit-eating grin.

Once at poetry jam I was on stage and I happened to be wearing a halter top. I did one poem and then announced that I was going to sing, and the asshole in the back yelled, "We don't want you to sing, we want you to take off your top!" Not having expected to hear such a thing in a place where there are historically fairly intellectual people with some freaking decorum, I was too rattled to sing after that, and said so. Biking home that night, some slob stuck his head out the car window and yelled "WOOOOO, WOOOOOO! HAWHAW!"

I guess they think they're expressing their appreciation of my body, or something. I guess maybe they even think it's a compliment. But there is nothing about it that makes me feel good, and if only there was not a barrier of distance between my hand and your quickly receding face, there is nothing that would have stopped me from slapping that sucker.

It's not cute. It's not admirable. You are a slob and a pig, and if you want to express your appreciation, maybe a nice little wave would do it, or nothing but a smile.

But then again, there was very little consideration for how I would feel in the situation. That wasn't the point. It was all about you. Surprise!


i kno whar u mean and are talking about. i HATE it when ppl stare at me. that bothers me more than them yellin at me..............

i think its hilarious when people stare at me. especially when i fall out of chairs at lunch and trip during assemblies and marching band stuff.

YOu know I hate being a piece of meat for everyone to gawk at, always judging, always staring at my huge package. Damn it people! I'm more than a just a good lay and a stud, I'm a sensitive guy who wants to be held..... heheheh. Well swank, you know I'd take care of those guys if I was there. Cause I can catch their receding faces, and pull them out of their windows,

and beat some sensitivity into their beings. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Hey they'll get theirs when all they can settle for is some roughed up trick who used to be miss popular but now is queen of the trailer park. And you will always be you. That is so much better.

What I want to know: has this ever WORKED? Has this practice of verbally fondling women from a junked up car ever gotten them any? Perhaps they act under the assumption that ONE DAY... SOMEWHERE this will earn them some ass.

In the mean time, I'd really like to take a crap on their cars.



I'll just simply quote my sister here, "Men are pigs!" She says that all the time. :) -Brendon

Urgh! Set hair on fire!!!!!!!!!!! I love you.

I could go on and on about some reasons WHY men do this... but I won't because I'd exceed my 400 character limit, ha ha! :) At any rate, yes, it sucks. It just makes me feel dirty. :(

That was me, by the way! - Ronni

Guys who do that are usually just shouting to be a-holes. They do it because they think its funny, not really to get your attention, but to get their friends attention. Guys are stupid.

Well, distance can't keep them from your hand if you are using it to give them a rude gesture. [katqueen]

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