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Khuyem grushi okolochivayu


Apparently, in Russia, if you are asked "What're you doing?" and either it's obvious or you're doing nothing, you can reply, "Khuyem grushi okolochivayu."

That means "Whacking down pears with my prick."

I just found that funny, and thought I'd share.

The things you learn on E2. . . .

Anyway, life update:

Wednesday, 1/22

Worked. Slacked off. Chatted with co-workers while nibbling granola. Chatted with new girl Amanda--aspiring editor! Wow, two people who can spell in one bookstore?? Got yearly evaluation from boss. Did well, but apparently need to work on getting to work on time more consistently, taking more initiative, and not hiding in the children's section so often (fat chance). Got a raise. Priced stuffed animals in direct violation of admonition to pay attention to rest of store. Went to new chicken place with Jeaux. Watched Mahoro, Chobits, and Arjuna at Anime club. Saw Chicago at the movies . . . AHHHH! Went home and fell asleep after Sealab 2021.

Thursday, 1/23

Slept twice as long as necessary. Ate at Waffle House with Jeaux. Did DDR. Received a Butterfinger McFlurry T-shirt from Jeaux. HAHA! Made some Yule craft nodes on E2. Old roomie Ammy arrived for scheduled visit. Consumed popcorn while chatting and catching up.

Friday, 1/24

Let Ammy sleep in. Joined the Kitchen Witches' Webring. Made French toast with Ammy. Went to Museum of Natural History and looked at displays of Calusa life and tusks of prehistoric animals. Went to the CD store and unexpectedly ran into old buddy Brian, who admonished me for still living in Gainesville even though I'd graduated almost three years ago. Bought silly children's books at used bookstore, using stored up credit from previous donations. Ammy ate sushi and I ate Chik Nuggets. Watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021. Played DDR for about 2 hours. Took a shower and then watched FLCL with Ammy. Ate tomato soup and soft pretzels. Ammy likes okra in her soup, ewww. Went to bed.

Saturday, 1/25

Horrific fucking early morning meeting at the bookstore. PJ (evil district manager) was there. Speeches inspired fear in new hires, who later were overheard discussing quitting out of fear of her. Got to hear Neil get his ass chewed off by Pat for a) missing the meeting; b) being late; c) breaking the return policy--gave some guy cash when he had no receipt--thereby falling for a scam artist of whose existence we'd been warned through e-mail. (He's getting written up for it.) Briefly wondered if it is wrong of me to be inordinately delighted by Neil's getting in truh-buhl. Argued with Neil about whether our café is called Joe Muggs or Joe's Muggs. He is such an ass. Got to do children's overstock (delightful, even though it was punctuated by customer stupidity and Neil's repeated dildo-sucking). Came home on bus and got pizza with Mike. Made a 7UP cake with Mike and also made a batch of Chocolate de Mexicanos, for which he provided the tequila. Very good. Watched episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena and played DDR unaggressively.

Sunday, 1/26

Begged ride off of Michael from work to avoid extreme chilliness. Had to work register. Was repeatedly bludgeoned by customer stupidity to the point of explosion. Hate register passionately. Did not bring enough barrettes to properly do hair. Probably looked like shit. Need haircut. Got bored reading Nickel and Dimed at the register and had just begun writing a continuation for one of my novels when Stephen gave me a boring task to do. Had to separate loads of books that had been recovered from all over the store and put them into their categories for easier return to shelves. Fuck. Completed boring, time-wasting task and continued to write. Got lunch break and wrote more. Didn't have much time to write after lunch. Came home and slept unexpectedly, after writing a node, using E2 votes, and eating some leftover pizza. Got up and cursed loss of time, using some words that are probably blasphemous on most planets. Got online and answered e-mail, wrote nodes, screwed with homepage, and wrote this. May continue writing chapter afterwards. And beyond that is none of your freakin' business, lookee-loos, 'cause it's in the damn future.


Son of a bitch! I missed Ammy? It would have been worth the crushing anxiety to have seen that hot bag of ass! But seriously, I so did not know it was her on the phone. Unless she sounded interested.... :o LOL jfk ;) you are pal -Ian

Hotcha ^__^ Sounds very busy --- ack. My days pretty much middle school monotony if you ask me. [katqueen]

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