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My apartment smells


Most of my friends and acquaintances have mentioned it at some point or another. My apartment smells.

Apparently my apartment smells like some unidentifiable mix of herbs. That makes sense, as I burn incense often and also keep handy a large and diverse herb collection. (The bottle of asafoetida is tightly sealed and shoved in the back of the cabinet to prevent its contributing to the overall scent of my house as much as possible.)

Once someone complained that I shouldn't have popped popcorn because it destroyed the distinctive smell in my house. Nice to know it was missed.

I remember growing up and noticing the smells of other people's houses, the smells of other people. Sometimes these memories became pleasant souvenirs to carry into the future. Even today when I detect the hot stink of a certain kind of plant rotting, I think of my old neighbor Matt and how we used to play, and how I would nag him to let me play his Nintendo and he would nag me to ride on his bike's pegs so that I would have to hold onto his shoulders.

I like that my apartment defines itself with its very own scent. It nestles into other people's memories and then maybe they'll catch a whiff from an herbal store or a New Age shop and think of me when otherwise they might have forgotten me.



mmmmmmmm Julie apartment smell.... specially when we're baking! [Meggie]

Good smells in an apt are yummy! BAD smells suck. Especially cooking/burn smells. -Ronni

I have a prime exaple of this: Whenever I cook rice, the smell reminds me of going to Lola Lings (my grandma) house. Her house has that kind of smell. I prefer not to smell people. [katqueen]

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