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You will now be treated to a very random assortment of anecdotes and silly things I want to say, some of which are updates on my life and some of which are just strange. Here we go.

My stereo

My stereo broke. It randomly decided to stop working in the middle of playing Poe's Hello album. It made a scratchy sound like a record player's needle being pulled off, and would work no more, though the tape player was fine. When I mentioned this to Jeaux, he could not help but try to fix it, commenting, "You think I'm just nice, but I love doing stuff like this." He determined that it might be fixable because the problem was caused by something physical, not electrical. How did he determine this? He hit it.

He hit the damn thing and it started working! It stopped again, but then it loaded fully and played normally. WTF? So Jeaux decided to take it apart, but to no avail, because once he got deep enough in there, there were some wires that covered the panel he needed to get into, and he isn't an electrician, so he said he didn't trust himself to go any farther. Mysteriously, when he put it back together and hit it a couple more times, it behaved, and has been behaving ever since. Seriously.

New girl

We have a new employee at my work named Kyllie, and she's hilarious. We've been talking a lot because we don't much care for working. She is from London and today we were talking about some of the insults she uses there, among them "tosser," "wanker," and the bizarre "top-of-the-willy-head." Uh-huh. She revealed to me that all British people laugh when anyone falls down. She even laughed when she herself fell down. Anyway, we have been amusing each other no end.

DDR Pad Fuck-up

Goddamn it, my DDR pad is officially screwed. It is now being possessed by a phantom, so that sometimes even when you are not standing on it, it registers footsteps and freaks out. The top arrow is not working. I played Xanadu and got a fucking D. (For those not familiar with DDR, Xanadu has got to be the easiest song in the world. I got a triple-A on it when my pad was working!) I am frustrated and pissed off.

Girls on the bus

I was sitting in front of a couple of girls on the bus on Saturday, and I overheard their discussion of whether parents should try to make their young children believe in Santa Claus. It was interesting. One of the girls didn't want to teach her children that there was a Santa because it would be inevitable that the child would find out it was a big scam that everyone was in on except them. That's gotta suck. I'm glad we didn't have the whole Christmas thing in my house. The other girl argued that believing in Santa was kind of a magical part of childhood she thinks belongs there. Hmm. Like the tooth fairy and the red belly-button man? Yeah. One girl said that she and her parents used to use the threat of Santa not bringing anything to keep her little brother in line. They went as far as having male friends impersonate Santa on the telephone to reprimand her brother whenever he did something wrong. Um, that is fucked up.

Portrait of a Thief

Some kid keeps coming to our store to steal Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Well, we learned from the Pokémon craze that we "gotta catch 'em all" or we'll be overrun with thieves, so this kid was nipped in the bud. He was trying to do outrageous things, like putting two whole boxes of boosters into a bag and trying to walk out with it. Our manager sent an associate to stop him; it was Neil. He got kind of evil with the kid and threatened that he was going to search him. HAHA! (You can't do that, it's against the law.) The kid had been walking toward the door when he'd noticed he was being tailed, and just dropped the bag on the floor and kept walking like he didn't do anything. When Neil chased him out of the store he just left those cards there, but wouldn't admit to having tried to steal them. Finally our back room guy, Michael, who doesn't take ANY shit, came up behind him, said "HEY!" and when the kid turned around Michael took his picture with our Polaroid camera. The kid asked why he did that, and Michael replied, "Because you're my favorite customer, and I want a record of you." Obviously both of them knew why he did it. We have the picture in our back room.

When this attempted theft incident was brought to the attention of our district manager, PJ, Michael picked up the picture and said, "Oh, you mean THIS kid?" PJ LOVED that. She thought it was hilarious and was an excellent deterrent. Stephen (our GM) thought she would have been pissed because we used the film to take his picture. Whatever. It probably prevented quite a bit of theft.

The photo is above Michael's receiving desk, labeled "My favorite customer!"

Apparently Michael also got to physically pick up a kid and put him outside when he was being disruptive and disrespectful in the League this week. He was cussing and mouthing off and fucking things up in the kids' section too, and our Yu-Gi-Oh! League captain, Laura, said he had to leave, but Stephen didn't have the courage to throw him out himself, so they drafted Michael. Hehehe. I am amused.

Okay, that's the random news for today.


This is completely off-topic, but I just wanted to say that I can't believe I found you on this site. Very few of my separate worlds connect. I don't know if I can tell you how you know me, but let's just say I was doubting it was really you until I saw the OFA support logo... [Misty Jade]

...we learned from the Pokémon craze that we "gotta catch 'em all"... That, by far, is the funniest thing I have read in a while. Taken out of context, it's not too amusing, but when I read it...let's just say that I spewed Coke all over my monitor (not really). [Optimus_prime]

Hola Julia! One of these days I'll have to drag you down to Tampa for some DDR fun (I've aquired both the pad and the game, now I just need the PS2!). Aside from shoplifting kids, I hope you are doing well. Happy holidays, damnit! <3, your evil twin, Kari :)

Oooh, funny, funny. This is amusing, this is random too :) There are these "Yu-gi-oh freaks" in our school - one of them in particular likes to brag about certain stuff (how he bit his sister, blah, blah) and I like to kick him. Your store can hire me to kick out any Yu-gi-oh card molesters! WOo [katqueen]

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