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I'll improve on YOUR methods!


Ya know, I really have nothing to say, which is why I haven't been writing. But probably a lot of people who check this thing now and then to see what I'm doing have been wondering why I've been ignoring it, so I'm gonna put something here.

Um, work is the same . . . I'm really on top of all my work, so actually the days are a little boring sometimes, trying to find something to do instead of always being busy like I have been throughout most of my employment there.  I just hope I can hold onto this "being ahead of the game" thing when Christmas blows through.  Maybe I should not have added "through" on the end of that sentence, because then it would read, "Christmas blows."  And speaking of which, they started playing Christmas music in our store on like the 17th.  Do they have to do that?  Get a grip. Christmas is ONE FRIGGING DAY and they spend more than two months gearing up for it.

There's something to say.  Did you know it's always a holiday season for me?  There is no one holiday that is more "special" than another in the wheel of the year, and I celebrate eight distinct "seasons."  I redecorate every time there's a holiday, and from the first day of that holiday to the last day, it is that holiday's "season."  I celebrate with decorations, rituals, and best of all, recipes to fit the season.  I find it a lot more inspiring than just having one "holiday season" a year.

Last thing about work: Supposedly I'm going to get a raise as soon as my boss can swing it.  He too thinks it is ridiculous that I've been there three years and don't yet make seven dollars an hour.  That proves that he has decent judgment, unlike EVERY other general manager I've had.

I'm going to Japan.  Probably anyone who reads this knows about my upcoming trip; it will begin on November 6.  I am excited about leaving the country, excited about not having to go to work for a while, and excited about getting to see my sister.  Of course it is going to piss me off when I get back and my section of the store looks like shit, because it inevitably will!  Urgh.

I'm retooling my Web page.  If anyone's having trouble with links or anything it's probably because of that.  I'm scraping everything out of the server because it keeps saying I've overloaded my 20 Megs of transfer space for the day (that doesn't mean I have too much stuff in there; it means I'm getting too many hits!).  AOL has increased the amount of space allowed for files per account, so I'm moving the files to AOL names.  Unfortunately for me that means uploading almost 2000 files (which I did one by one, by hand, because they had to go to all different names depending on what they were), and now I'm in the process of changing the source code in every bare-bones html notepad file I have.  Thousands and thousands of them.  Miles of code.  This sucks.  So don't bitch at me if something's screwed up on my site; I'll fix it, I promise.

I read that book by the nineteen-year-old fantasy author, the book called Eragon.  I hated its guts and firmly believe he would never have gotten published if he hadn't self-published and then been accidentally let in the back door by a published author who recommended him without reading his book because he thought a teen writing a book was so speshulll.

Speaking of which, I'm still working madly on editing my recently completed novel, Bad Fairy.  If anyone is interested in helping me by reading over part or all of the manuscript, I would appreciate feedback because I'm trying to get it to the point where I am not embarrassed to send sample chapters from it along with my book proposal when I eventually start trying to send it to an agent.  Maybe the idea will appeal to you: Bad Fairy is a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose legend, except it is told from the point of view of the supposedly villainous fairy.  You get to hear her life story and her side.  It's really cool.

Oh.  I had a weird dream today that some guy named Chris drowned in a canoe.  Everyone else who had been in his party was roaming around on the banks of some river and then they saw his canoe floating up the river and it was full of water and he was in the canoe submerged.  I was with the group but for some reason I was not being noticed as one of them; I don't think I was really there, more like I was a ghost.  I didn't find out if Chris was actually dead though, or if they were able to revive him; they were still kind of staring dumbfounded at the slow-moving canoe when I woke up.  I have no idea who Chris is.

I will now flee in terror.  Good night.



Sobe noodles!! Era*** sucks. Too bad Paolini couldn't have been the one that died in your dream. Then we could have a party. [katqueen]

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